Common Name: MOJAVE 2cm   | Kpc-scale: di Serego-Alighieri et al. 1994, MNRAS, 269, 998
B1950 Name: 1442+101 2 cm VLBA Image map
J2000 Name: J1445+0958
R.A. and Dec. (J2000): 14h45m16.465s
AGN Class: Quasar
Redshift: 3.529 (Adelman-McCarthy 2008, ApJS, 175, 297)
Luminosity Distance: 31442 Mpc ; 7.43 pc/mas
Radio Spectrum: GPS
Gamma-ray Association LAT: N, EGRET: N, TeV:
Kpc-scale morphology:
Max. Jet Speed:
Separation Versus Time Plot: Not available   
Stacked epoch 15 GHz VLBA images:
Natural weight: [PS]   [GIF]
Uniform weight: [PS]   [GIF]

Rotation Measure Map: | Not available |

Spectral Index Map: | Not available |

VLBA mm-wave image:
Multiepoch Radio Spectrum:
43 GHz Image
Multiepoch Radio Spectrum
Comments: Gurvits source not in fine-structure paper

If you intend to use these data in a publication, we ask that you please let us know so we can add a link to our external publications page, and that you include the following acknowledgment: "This research has made use of data from the MOJAVE database that is maintained by the MOJAVE team (Lister et al., 2009, AJ, 137, 3718)."
P (%)
EVPA (deg.)
I Image (Nat. Weight) Tapered I Image Tapered I Image (Widefield) Visibility
Stokes I Radplot Pol.
2005-06-22 BL129 313 From NRAO Archive
1998-12-05 BG077C 216 FITS   PNG   PS FITS   PNG   PS PNG   PS uvf   PNG   PS
1998-09-29 BG077B 202 FITS   PNG   PS FITS   PNG   PS PNG   PS uvf   PNG   PS

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