1st Indiana Astrophysics Meeting

Department of Physics, Purdue University

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

The 1st Indiana Astrophysics meeting will be dedicated to learning about the research and educational efforts that are taking place at different institutions in the state of Indiana. It will provide an opportunity for exchanging ideas and hopefully fostering collaborations. The meeting will have Prof. Joseph Silk (Savilian Professor of Astronomy at the University of Oxford) as a special guest.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to get together and to promote research and education in astrophysics within the state of Indiana. We also consider it to be a good opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students involved in research to interact with faculty and students in other institutions as well.

Registration Information:

To register please go to http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6R6J73G

There is no registration fee for the meeting. The registration deadline is October 12th, 5pm. Contributed talks will be decided based on registrations received by 5pm October 1st. Lunch will be provided (if you have any dietary restrictions please send email to cayon@purdue.edu)

Travel Information:

The meeting will be held at the Department of Physics, Purdue University.

Poster Information: 

We welcome poster presentations from all registered participants. We will have a special room (Physics room 298) set up for posters across from the main meeting room (Physics 242). Posters can be set up any time after 9:30 am and should be removed before 6 pm. Please restrict your poster size to 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide so that we can accomodate everyone's poster.


Coffee, poster room open
Welcome, opening remarks
10:15-10:45am Prof. Caty Pilachowski (Indiana University):  "The Amazing Omega Centauri"
Prof. Robert Berrington (Ball State University): "The Ball State University Chapter of the SARA Consortium"
Prof. Todd Hillwig (Valparaiso University): "Exploring Planetary Nebulae as Close Binary Star Nurseries"
11:30-11:45am Prof. Patrick Motl (IU Kokomo): "Mergers of Magnetized Neutron Stars with Spinning Black Holes: Disruption, Accretion & Fallback"
Prof. John Millis (Anderson University): "Our High Energy Universe: Searching for Gamma-rays Using VERITAS"
Lunch and poster viewing
12:45-1:00pm Prof. Barrett Caldwell (Director of Indiana Space Grant Consortium)
 1:00-1:15pm Prof. Richard Ditteon (Rose-Hulman Institute): "Astronomy at Rose-Hulman Institute"
 1:15-1:45pm Prof. Shawn Slavin (Purdue University Calumet): "The Northwest Indiana Robotic Telescope Project"
 1:45-2:15pm Prof. Dinshaw Balsara (University of Notre Dame): "Anisotropic Thermal Conduction in Supernova Remnants"
 2:15-2:45pm Prof. Matt Lister (Purdue University): "MOJAVE: Studying Jets from Supermassive Black Holes"
 2:45-3:30pm Closing remarks, poster viewing, coffee
 4:00-5:00 pm
Purdue Physics Dept. Colloquium: Prof. Joseph Silk: "The Challenge of Dark Matter", Fowler Hall, Stewart Center

Final Registered Participant List:

Jorge Alvarez, Purdue Univ.
Miguel Araya, Purdue Univ.
Bob Berrington, Ball State Univ.
Dinshaw Balsara,  Univ. of Notre Dame
Laura Cayon, Purdue Univ.
Richard Ditteon, Rose-Hulman Inst.

Michelle Dolan, Univ. of Notre Dame
Qi Feng, Purdue Univ.
John P. Finley, Purdue Univ.
Kari Frank, Purdue Univ.
Kostas Gourgouliatos, Purdue Univ.
Todd Hillwig, Valparaiso Univ.
Talvikki Hovatta, Purdue Univ.
Bruce Hrivnak, Valparaiso Univ.
Brandon Johnson, Purdue Univ.
Mary Kertzman, DePauw Univ.
Nicolas Lehner, Univ. of Notre Dame
Matthew Lister, Purdue Univ.
David Lomiashvili, Purdue Univ.
Suzanne Lorenz, Purdue Univ.
Erin Lueck, Ball State Univ.
Sherwin Love, Purdue Univ.
Wenxian Lu, Valparaiso Univ.
Maxim Lyutikov, Purdue Univ.
Grant J. Mathews, Univ. of Notre Dame
Jignesh Mehta, Purdue Univ.
H. Jay Melosh, Purdue Univ.
John P. Millis, Anderson Univ.
Patrick Motl, Indiana Univ. Kokomo
John R. Peterson, Purdue Univ.
Caty Pilachowski, Indiana Univ.
Jay Rhee, Purdue Univ.
Thom Robertson, Ball State Univ.
Glenn Sembroski, Purdue Univ.
Kristie Shaw, Valparaiso Univ.
Shawn Slavin, Purdue Univ. Calumet
In-Saeng Suh, Univ. of Notre Dame
Garrison Turner, Ball State Univ.
Angelo Varlotta, Purdue Univ.
Joshua Worthington, Anderson Univ.
Xinghai Zhao, Univ. of Notre Dame

Local Organizing Committee:

Laura Cayon (Chair), John Finley, Matt Lister, Max Lyutikov, and Jaehyon Rhee


Indiana Space Grant Consortium
Office of the Provost, Purdue University
Department of Physics, Purdue University
College of Science, Purdue University