Physics 56500 - Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics II

Lecture 1Introduction to probability and statistics
Lecture 2Fitting and parameter estimation
Lecture 3Advanced fitting applications
Lecture 4Maximum likelihood and confidence intervals
Lecture 5Random number generators and Monte Carlo methods
Lecture 6Unfolding
Lecture 7Multivariate discriminants
Lecture 8Neural networks
Lecture 9Parton density functions
Lecture 10Hard scattering generators
Lecture 11Parton shower Monte Carlos
Lecture 12Fragmentation and hadronization
Lecture 13Track reconstruction
Lecture 14Lepton identification and reconstruction
Lecture 15B tagging
Lecture 16Event shape variables
Lecture 17Jet clustering algorithms
Lecture 18Jet corrections and missing energy
Lecture 18.5Oops - I forgot QCD
Lecture 19Electroweak processes
Lecture 20Forward-backward asymmetries
Lecture 21Mass measurements
Lecture 22Top quark production
Lecture 23Top mass measurements
Lecture 24Top cross section measurements
Lecture 25Standard Model Higgs production
Lecture 26Higgs cross section
Lecture 27Higgs branching fractions
Lecture 28BSM Higgs production
Lecture 29Supersymmetry
Lecture 30BSM searches