Physics 56500 - Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics II

Lecture notes and supplementary material

Lecture 1 Jan 9Introduction to probability theory
See also, Statistics for Nuclear and Particle Phycicists by Louis Lyons
as well as Practical Statistics for Particle Physicists by Luca Lista (INFN) - arXiv:1609.04150v2
Lecture 2 Jan 11Statistics and parameter estimation
Lecture 3 Jan 16Progressive fit
Lecture 4 Jan 18Constrained minimization
Lecture 5 Jan 23Likelihood functions and confidence intervals
Lecture 6 Jan 25Binned and unbinned likelihood fits
Lecture 7 Jan 30Goodness of fit, Monte Carlo methods
See also, Monte Carlo Techniques - Particle Data Group
Lecture 8 Feb 1Template methods and unfolding
Lecture 9 Feb 6Tikhonov regularization, d'Agostini iteration
See also, TUnfold note, and user's manual.
Also, a useful set of slides...
Lecture 10 Feb 8Multivariate methods
Lecture 11 Feb 13Artificial neural networks, support vector machines
Lecture 12 Feb 15Parton distribution functions
Lecture 13 Feb 20More parton distribution functions
Lecture 14 Feb 22Monte Carlo event generators
Lecture 15 Feb 27Jet clustering and event shape algorithms
Lecture 16 Mar 1Jet energy corrections
Lecture 17 Mar 6Beam profile, primary and secondary vertices
Lecture 18 Mar 8B-jet tagging
Lecture 19 Mar 20Triggering in colliding beam experiments
Lecture 20 Mar 22Optimization of trigger bandwidth
Lecture 21 Mar 27Differential jet cross section analysis
Lecture 22 Mar 29Z+jets cross section
Lecture 23 Apr 3B Lifetime measurements - see also The LHCb Detector
Lecture 24 Apr 5W mass measurements. arXiv:hep-ex/0405005, arXiv:1203.0274 [hep-ex], arXiv:1701.07240 [hep-ex].
Lecture 25 Apr 9Top quark production. arXiv:1611.04040 [hep-ex], arXiv:1701.06228 [hep-ex].
Lecture 26 Apr 12Single top production arXiv:1610.00678 [hep-ex], vector boson fusion arXiv:1712.09814 [hep-ex].
Lecture 27 Apr 17Introduction to Supersymmetry hep-ph/9709356.
Lecture 28 Apr 19Limits on SUSY arXiv:1704.07781 [hep-ex], arXiv:1801.03957 [hep-ex]
Lecture 29 Apr 24
Lecture 30 Apr 26