Physics 564 - Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics

Refer to the 2005-06 academic calendar for important dates, including deadlines for adding and dropping courses.

This is a draft schedule and may be subject to change without notice. I hope to finalize this before August.


Aug 23,Aug 25 Historical development, relativistic kinematics
Aug 29,Sep 1 Collisions and scattering
Sep 6,Sep 8 Cross sections and decay rates
Sep 13,Sep 15 Quantum numbers, isospin symmetry
Sep 20,Sep 22 The quark model of mesons and baryons
Sep 27,Sep 29 Feynman rules for spin 0 particles
Oct 4,Oct 6 Feynman rules for spin 1/2 particles
Oct 13 Hadron spectroscopy
Oct 18,Oct 20 Electromagnetic interactions
Oct 25,Oct 27 Weak interactions
Nov 1,Nov 3 Strong interactions
Nov 8,Nov 10 The Standard Model
Nov 15,Nov 17 Leptons
Nov 22 Quarks
Nov 29,Dec 1 Neutrinos
Dec 6,Dec 8 Beyond the Standard Model