Physics 56400 - Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics I

Lecture notes and supplementary material

Lecture 1 Aug 22Nuclear interaction lengths
Lecture 2 Aug 24Scattering cross sections
Lecture 3 Aug 29Special relativity
Lecture 4 Aug 31Kinematics of Decays and Collisions
Lecture 5 Sep 5Interactions of particles with matter
Lecture 6 Sep 7Particle detectors
Lecture 7 Sep 12Silicon detectors, sampling calorimeters
Lecture 8 Sep 14Hadronic calorimeters and magnetic spectrometers
Lecture 9 Sep 19Particle accelerators
Lecture 10 Sep 21Elementary particles
Lecture 11 Sep 26Isospin
Lecture 12Sep 28Time Evolution - Fermi's Golden Rule
Lecture 13Oct 3Decay rates and cross sections
Lecture 14 Oct 5Strong interaction isospin relations
Lecture 15 Oct 12Quark Model Wavefunctions
Lecture 16 Oct 17Cabibbo mixing, charm quarks