Physics 56400 - Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics I

Lecture notes and supplementary material

Lecture 1 Aug 21Nuclear interaction lengths and cross sections.
Lecture 2 Aug 23Differential cross sections.
Lecture 3 Aug 28Special relativity.
Lecture 4 Aug 30Relativistic kinematics.
Lecture 5 Sept 4Interactions of particles with matter.
Lecture 6 Sept 6Particle detectors (part 1).
Lecture 7 Sept 11Particle detectors (part 2).
Lecture 8 Sept 13Particle detectors (part 3).
Lecture 9 Sept 18Particle accelerators and colliders.
Lecture 10 Sept 20Elementary particles, isospin.
Lecture 11 Sept 25Structure of Light Hadrons.
Lecture 12 Sept 27Kaon mixing, charm quarks.
Lecture 13 Oct 2Bottom quarks, B mixing, top quarks.
Lecture 14 Oct 4Free particles with spin 1/2.
Lecture 15 Oct 11Spin 1/2 particles interacting with an external field.
Lecture 16 Oct 16Feynman rules for QED.
Lecture 18 Oct 18Higher-order processes, renormalization, QCD.