Physics 56400 - Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics I

Lecture notes and supplementary material

Lecture 1 Aug 22Nuclear interaction lengths
Lecture 2 Aug 24Scattering cross sections
Lecture 3 Aug 29Special relativity
Lecture 4 Aug 31Kinematics of Decays and Collisions
Lecture 5 Sep 5Interactions of particles with matter
Lecture 6 Sep 7Particle detectors
Lecture 7 Sep 12Silicon detectors, sampling calorimeters
Lecture 8 Sep 14Hadronic calorimeters and magnetic spectrometers
Lecture 9 Sep 19Particle accelerators
Lecture 10 Sep 21Elementary particles
Lecture 11 Sep 26Isospin
Lecture 12Sep 28Time Evolution - Fermi's Golden Rule
Lecture 13Oct 3Decay rates and cross sections
Lecture 14 Oct 5Strong interaction isospin relations
Lecture 15 Oct 12Quark Model Wavefunctions
Lecture 16 Oct 17Cabibbo mixing, charm quarks
Lecture 17 Oct 19D and B mesons
Lecture 18 Oct 24Neutral kaon oscillations
Lecture 19 Oct 26CP violation/Neutral B meson oscillations
Lecture 20 Oct 31Particles with spin 0
Lecture 21 Nov 2Feynman rules for scalar particles
Lecture 22 Nov 7Dirac equation, spin 1/2 particles
Lecture 23 Nov 9Feynman diagrams for Drell-Yan, Compton scattering
Lecture 24a Nov 14Electron-muon scattering, deep inelastic scattering
Lecture 24b Nov 14Proton/neutron structure functions
Lecture 25 Nov 16Higher order processes, QCD
Lecture 26 Nov 28
Lecture 27 Nov 30