Physics 56400 - Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics I

Lecture notes and supplementary material

Lecture 1 Aug 21Nuclear interaction lengths and cross sections.
Lecture 2 Aug 23Differential cross sections.
Lecture 3 Aug 28Special relativity.
Lecture 4 Aug 30Relativistic kinematics.
Lecture 5 Sept 4Interactions of particles with matter.
Lecture 6 Sept 6Particle detectors (part 1).
Lecture 7 Sept 11Particle detectors (part 2).
Lecture 8 Sept 13Particle detectors (part 3).
Lecture 9 Sept 18Particle accelerators and colliders.
Lecture 10 Sept 20Elementary particles, isospin.
Lecture 11 Sept 25Structure of Light Hadrons.
Lecture 12 Sept 27Kaon mixing, charm quarks.
Lecture 13 Oct 2Bottom quarks, B mixing, top quarks.
Lecture 14 Oct 4Free particles with spin 1/2.
Lecture 15 Oct 11Spin 1/2 particles interacting with an external field.
Lecture 16 Oct 16Feynman rules for QED.
Lecture 18 Oct 18Higher-order processes, renormalization, QCD.
Lecture 17 Oct 23Weak interactions.
Lecture 19 Oct 25Weak neutral currents.
Lecture 20 Nov 1Z physics at LEP.
Lecture 21 Nov 6W physics at LEP.
Lecture 22 Nov 8Gauge symmetries.
Lecture 23 Nov 13Spontaneous symmetry breaking/Higgs stuff
Lecture 24 Nov 27Neutrino interactions
Lecture 25 Nov 29Neutrino experiments
Lecture 26 Dec 4Physics beyond the standard model