Errata/Comments for
Computational Physics, 2nd Edition

Fdrag,x = - B2 v vx,i,     Fdrag,y = - B2 v vy,i

We appreciate the help by Jeff de Jong for finding this and a few other errors.

In addition, Charles Maguire pointed out that the caption of Figure 2.2 on p.23 quotes an incorrect value of the drag coefficient; while it states C=0.5 was used, it should have been C=1 instead according to the new definition in this edition of the book.

i+1 = i + [- (g/l) sin i - q i + FD sin (D ti) ] t

We are grateful to Denis Donnelly for pointing this out.

where I = m1d12 + m2d22 is the moment of inertia and the distances d1 and d2 are measured from the center of mass of the two particles to each particle.

On line 3 and the last line on p.193, references to Table 7.3 appear. The references should be Table 7.1 on the same page instead.

xi(n+1) = 2 xi(n) - xi(n-1) + (t)2 [ xi+1(n) + xi-1(n) - 2 xi(n) ] + (t)2 ( [ xi+1(n) - xi(n) ]3 + [xi-1(n) - xi(n) ]3 )

R(x,t+t) R(x,t) - [t/2(x)2] [ I(x+x,t+t/2) - 2 I(x,t+t/2) + I(x-x,t+t/2) ] + (t) V(x) I(x,t+t/2)

p(i,n+1) = p(i,n) - ...

that is, the second index of p(,) on the right had side should be n instead of n-1.

n = 0.125 e-V/80 .