Introduction to programs and other useful information

As in the book, the source code given through this Web page is in the True Basic language. These particular programs have all been tested on a Macintosh, but the only part that is actually Macintosh-specific is the reference to the scientific graphics libraries. To run these under True Basic on a different machine it may be necessary to change this line, and perhaps also fiddle with the background and foreground colors to suit your display. Indeed, with these rather minor changes I have also run all of these programs on a Sun workstation and most of them on an Amiga.

Nevertheless, it is certainly possible that all of the bugs may not be completely stamped out. If you find a bug, or a suspected bug, or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me (you can use email at the address given on the book home page).

At present, the source code given below is the same as that given in Appendix 4 of the book. The code for other programs may be added at a later date. I have them all, but I don't want students to get spoiled. If you are an instructor, and desire to see the source for one of the programs mentioned in the book, contact me.

One final note. All of these programs are copyrighted by Prentice Hall. Please use, distribute, and hopefully profit from and enjoy these programs. The object is to use them to learn physics. The ONLY thing you should not do is sell them to someone else.