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Measuring the Spin of Black Holes

Our work on black hole rotation was covered by several newspapers and science magazines (include "New Scientist" and "Sky and Telescope").

Then came the explosion of media interest in our work on the effects of "frame dragging" by spinning black holes. Media coverages included (but were not limited to):

  • CNN (Timewarp piece, also included in Saturday morning Science week)
  • ABC News
  • CBC News World (Jennifer Kirby; Canada)

  • USA Today (Tim Friend) - front page
  • LA Times (K.C. Cole) - front page - reprinted nationally
  • Washington Post (Kathy Sawyer) - reprinted nationally
  • UPI (Larry Schuster)
  • AP (Matt Crenson)
  • Dallas Morning News (Alexandra Witze)
  • Boston Globe (David Chandler)
  • San Jose Mercury News (Glennda Chui) - front page
  • Baltimore Sun (Frank Royce)
  • La Repubblica (Arnaldo d'Amico, Italian)
  • Corriere della Sera (Italian)
  • Stampa (Italian)
  • Trouw (Bas Den Hond, Dutch)

  • BBC (Roland Pease, Toby Murcott)
  • NPR (Cliff Will and David Baron)
  • NPR Science Friday (Ira Plato - 20 minute live call in show)
  • CBS News radio (Kathleen Biggins)
  • German National radio (Dirk Lorenzen)
  • Canadian National Broadcasting, Quarks and Quarks
  • RAI (Italian)
  • KMR (Allan Stahler, California)
  • VOA (Caroline Nole)

On-line News Services
  • CNN On-line (Reuters)
  • MSNBC (Allen Boyle)
  • Science Now (Dana McKenzie)
  • The Why Files (David Tenenbaum)

  • Science (James Glanz)
  • Science News (Ron Cowen)
  • Chronicle of Higher Education (Kim McDonald)
  • Economist (Gordon Lichfield, UK)
  • US News and World Report (Brendan Koerner)
  • Ciel et Espace (Jean-Marc Bonnet-Bidaud, French)
  • Facts (Thomas Mueller, Swiss)
  • Brazilian newsmagazine (N. Godoy)
  • Sky and Telescope (Joshua Roth)
  • New Scientist (Charles Seife, UK)
  • Discovery Magazine
  • Astronomy Magazine

You might still be able to find some of the original articles by following this link.

The experience that I treasure the most is hundreds of emails that I have received from people all over the world, from high school students to CEOs of large companies. This was the most extensive public outreach that I have ever done! I wish that I could have replied to them all.