PHYSICS 342                           MODERN PHYSICS                            SPRING  2000



Instructor:  Professor T.E. Clark


Office:  Room 254, Physics Building


Office Phone:  49-43038


Office Hours:  Q 2:30-3:30 p.m.


Class Hours:  M,W, F  2:30-3:20 p.m.


Class Room:  Room 223, Physics Building


Text:  Modern Physics (Second Edition) by Kenneth Krane                                                                                                                                      

Homework:    Specific reading assignments will be given supplementing the lecture material covered in class.


            Homework problems will be assigned regularly.  Problem solving is an essential as well as an integral part of this course and your homework grades will count approximately 20% toward your course grade.  Students may discuss the problems with each other in a general way but should not do the homework as a group effort.  No carbon copy homework sets are acceptable.  Further, the problem solutions should be clearly and neatly written on one side only of standard size paper.  Your fellow students should be able to read, follow and understand the solutions.  The quality of the presentation counts toward the grade.  The homework format has your name, PHYS 342, and the due date in the upper right hand corner of the first page and your name and PHYS 342 on each following page; the problem set number on the first page and each page and problem numbered.


Exams & Grades:  There will be two in class exams during the semester and a

comprehensive final exam at the end of the semester.


                                Your course grade will be based on the scores for the exams and homework sets, with the

                                    approximate weights:


                                                Homework                20%

                                                Two exams                40% (20% each)

                                                Final exam                 40%                            


                        The final exam will be scheduled during the week beginning 1 May 2000.




References:   Besides our textbook, the following books will be on reserve in the Physics Library.



A)  General Physics Texts


1.      Giancoli: Physics: Principles with Applications

2.      Halliday, Resnick, Krane: Physics Volumes One and Two (Extended Version) Fourth Edition

3.      Halliday, Resnick, Walker: Fundamentals of Physics Fifth Edition, Parts 1-4

4.      Ohanian: Physics

5.      Sears and Zemansky and Young: University Physics

6.      Serway: Physics for Scientists and Engineers

7.      Tipler: Physics for Scientists and Engineers

8.      Young: University Physics



B)  Modern Physics Texts


1.      Beiser: Concepts of Modern Physics

2.      Eisberg: Fundamentals of Modern Physics

3.      Krane: Modern Physics (Second Edition)

4.      Leighton: Principles of Modern Physics

5.      Sandin: Essentials of Modern Physics

6.      Thornton and Rex: Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers

7.      Tipler: Modern Physics

8.      Weidner and Sells: Modern Physics



C)  Problems and Solutions


1.      Gautreau and Savin: Schaum's Outline of Modern Physics

2.      Halpern: 3000 Solved Problems in Physics

3.      Rees: Physics by Example: 200 Problems and Solutions

4.      Wells: Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Physics and Engineering