September 2013
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Weekly News

Welcome to the NEW SPS Website

Star Trek Night
When: Wednesday September 25th 6:00pm
Where: PHYS 338

Well Project
What: Theremin, Gauss Gun, and Rocket
When: Sunday September 29th 12:00pm
Where: Well (PHYS B20)

Trip to Museum of Science and Industry Chicago
What: SPS is planning to visit two big exhibits at the museum (both of which will be determined by popular vote). SPS will be covering the transportation cost but students will have to pay the entrance and exhibit fee which will come up to a maximum of $32 depending on the exhibits we choose. If members are interested, they must contact Vatsal Purohit (vpurohi@purdue.edu). SPS is also looking for volunteer drivers (we will be covering the gas charge and renting vehicles). If you can volunteer to drive, please do let us know that in your email as well.
When: Saturday October 12th 8:00am
Where: Meeting in the SPS Lounge (PHYS 236)

Prof. Francis Robicheaux
Undergraduate Research Opportunity
More Info: http://www.auburn.edu/~robicfj/

Physics Colloquium
Professor Shripad Revankar

When: Thursday September 26th 4:00pm
Where: PHYS 203
More Info: Professor Shripad Revankar Colloquium