Working Group
Prof.Koichi Sassa
Prof.Laura  J. Pyrak-Nolte
Dr. Larry Myer
Dr. Kurt Nihei
Prof. Toshifumi Matsuoka
Prof. Toshiki Watanabe

Wave Propagation in Fractured and Cracked Media

Working Group of
the International Society for Rock Mechanics
Commission on the Application of Geophysics in Rock Engineering

Prof. Koichi Sassa, chair of the ISRM Commission on theApplication of Geophysics in Rock Engineering has appointed a Working Groupto develop a series of articles on the application of seismic wave propagationto problems in rock engineering.  The main multi-year project of theworking group is to write a review article and develop a website on wavepropagation in fractured and crack media.  The goal of the article and the website is to provide an information source for ISRM members andothers that contains (1) a comparison of theoretical and numerical modelsof wave propagation through fractured and cracked media, (2) important laboratory results from experiments on fractured and cracked media, (3)numerical models online for use, and (4) an extensive literature database. If you would like to contribute information, a numerical or analytical model, a reference, experimental results or a link to your home page (examplelink), please contact
Current Project:

Review Article on Numerical Models for Wave Propagation in Fractured Media



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