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Helin won Karl Lark-Horovitz Award!


Helin has been awarded 2012 Karl Lark-Horovitz Award for outstanding research achievements by a Purdue physics graduate student.   Helin was nominated for his contributions to many of our experimental studies on physical properties of graphene and topological insulators, in particular his experimental studies of electronic transport and quantum Hall effect in CVD synthetic graphene (H.Cao et al., Applied Physics Letters, 96, 122106 (2010); H. Cao et al., J. Applied Physics 107, 044310 (2010)) and his recent observation of a 3D "bulk quantum Hall effect" in a topological insulator (Bi2Se3) material (H. Cao et al., Physical Review Letters, in press, 2012), with many more promising experimental progresses elucidating the transport properties of topological insulators.  Congratulations to Helin!