Accelerator mass spectrometry of 10Be, 14C, 26Al, 36Cl, 41Ca, 129I

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We request that submitters read and sign the following form to indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Sample Agreement

Sample Submission Agreement

When submitting samples to PRIME Lab for AMS analysis the submitter agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Submitter acknowledges that AMS measurement is destructive, therefore, on receipt by PRIME Lab, all samples submitted become the property of the PRIME Lab and any leftover will be stored or disposed of at PRIME Lab’s sole discretion.
  2. Submitter will complete all sample submission requirements requested by PRIME Lab via the internet and inform us when sending samples. The submission requirements should be included in the sample package.
  3. Upon completion of AMS testing and the receipt of measured isotope abundances in an excel file, the submitter will be invoiced AMS charges to include sample preparation if any. We reserve the right to bill separately for chemical and physical processing. A signed cover letter, itemized charge list, and the AMS results will be available on our web site. All AMS results are stored in the relational database. Those submitted in the past ten years are internet accessible. Please contact us if sample is older than ten years.
  4. Prepayment for samples funded by US Federal agencies is not acceptable. Samples funded by other sources have the option to prepay.
  5. Submitter will acknowledge the PRIME Lab and the National Science Foundation when the results are published. A copy of any published material should be sent to PRIME Lab.
  6. The submitter is authorized to enter into this agreement and accepts financial responsibility for payment of services on behalf of the submitter’s organization. Purdue University may charge interest at the rate of eight percent (8%) per annum on any amounts owed under this agreement that are not paid in full by the due date. Said interest will begin no earlier than the day after the due date and continue until the amount owed is paid in full. In collection of any indebtedness owed Purdue University, the University shall be entitled to all additional costs referenced in Indiana Code § 21-14-2-11, as from time to time amended or re-codified. All returned checks, drafts, or orders are subject to a service charge not exceeding the maximum allowed by Indiana law.
I agree to all the above statements.
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Sample submission requirements

We request the following information to be entered into our database via the Internet. when you submit the samples:

  1. The mailing address of scientific investigator, sample submitter, and administrator at the first time of sample submission.
  2. The short description of the sample related project, including title, scientific objective.
    • Title
    • Funding agency, grant number and Division must if funded by NSF
    • Scientific objective (less than 500 words)
    • Research field
  3. The purchase order number if available
  4. For each sample:
    • Name: consists of letters and numbers only
    • Type: rock, sediment, water, meteorite, bio-med, and carbon
    • Isotopes requested for AMS: 10Be, 14C, 26Al, 36Cl, 41Ca, 129I
    • Description:
    • Estimated isotope abundance if the target material is submitted
    • Stable isotope concentration in water / estimated age in rock if chemical treatment is requested
    • Sample size
  5. To load target materials, contact us, we will send holders (cathodes) to you.

Sample size and precision

“Rock weight calculator” will help you determine the rock size for cosmogenic nuclide dating. The general guidelines for other materials is as follows.

Nuclide Material Minimum Size Prefered Size Water (liter) Ice (g) Soil/Sediment (g) Precision % a
10BeBeO1 mg1.5 mg5-1050053
26AlAl2O32 mg4 mg7
36ClAgCl4 mg10 mgY*5001003
129IAgI1 mg3 mgX**5001005

* Let C (in ppm) = concentration of Cl in water.
  • If the ratio of 36Cl atoms to Cl atoms is low, then Y (liter) = 10 / C.
  • If the ratio is greater than 5E-12, then the estimated ratio is required in order to make dilution to keep our facilities from contamination.
  • The maximum value of water we can handle for 36Cl chem. processing is 5 liters

** Let C = concentration of 129I in water
  • For C in unit of atoms/Liter, X = (1.5E+7) atoms / C
  • For C in unit of Bq/Liter, X = (2.0E-8) Bq / C
  • For C in unit of Curie/Liter, X = (5E-19) Curie / C
  • The maximum value of water we can handle for 129I chem. processing is 1 liter.
a Precision is quoted for a isotope abundance level higher than 10-12 with at least prefered sample size.

Where To Send Samples

ATTN: Zane Gilbert
525 Northwestern Ave.
West Lafayette, IN 47907

If you need any assistance please email Zane Gilbert .

AMS reports

We will email you the measured isotope abundances first in excel format. Then in less than one month, we will send you the signed cover letter, itemized charge list, and the AMS results. All AMS results are stored in the relational database. Those submitted in the past ten years are internet accessible Please contact us if sample is older than ten years.

AMS charge and billings

Itemized prices are published in our webpage. The page also provides you a formal quotation on request. Once your samples arrive, the estimated charge will be sent to you. It is very important for you to check it and reply by email your acceptance of the estimated charge.

After AMS is finished, we will submit the charge statment to the business office. Please note that we do not directly handle the invoice. If you have question please check the following list.

  1. For individual sample charge contact us with the sample name
  2. For help to set up PO contact our busness office.
  3. For invoice contact busness office with the invoice number or Business Partner # which is showed at the bottom part of the invoice.
  4. For payment contact Purdue A/R office

Purdue payment options

  1. Mailing Check or Certified Funds (in U.S. Dollars drawn on a U.S. Bank ONLY) to:
    • Purdue University – Accounts Receivable
    • University Collection Office
    • 24025 Network Place
    • Chicago, Il 60673-1226
    • Phone: 765-494-9459
    • Fax: 765-494-9154
    • Email:
    • webpage:
  2. For Electronic Funds Transfer to Purdue University instruction:

    Important notice: Please include your Customer ID number, department name, and a contact name in the memo section of the wire transfer. Electronic transactions may be returned within 45 days if the transaction lacks the above information.
  3. Credit Card Payment:

    Complete the Credit Card Payment Request Form and mail along with the invoice coupon (perforated bottom part of the invoice) to:

    • Purdue University
    • University Collections Office
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Schleman Hall of Student Services, Room 342
    • 475 Stadium Mall Drive
    • West Lafayette, IN 47907-2050