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The scientific investigator, sample submitter, business person, each has to have an individual pin number. If you need assistance, please email

Add new project

The project is very important for AMS funding application.
Field nameField value (Note)Example
Funding agencySelect one from listNSF
Grant numberOnly request for U. S. NSF GrantOPP234567
DisciplineSelect one from listEarth
Funding Select one from listNSF
TitleEnter less than 20 wordsConstraining late Pleistocene climates
ObjectiveDescribe scientific objectives and methods in 500-1000 words.
PlanIndicate if a paper will be submittedtotal samples: 50, submit paper to Science
TeamPRIME Lab Liaison is Prof. Marc Caffee

Add new sample

Field nameField value (Note)Example
Principle investigator email Email address of the scientific investigator
Funded by Select one from listNon-profit org.
Shipping Date day/month/year14/06/2006
Reqest results on day/month/year, when the AMS results are needed 31/12/2006
Purchase Order Used for handling billing
Mail Invoice to Email address of business administrator if it is not the submitter
leftover material Select "Discard" or "Send back"Send back
Project ID Consists of one letter and 3 digits, assigned by PRIME Lab. Forgot? Select "Old projects". P017
Request for pretreatment Select "Yes" for phy-chem treatment, otherwise "No"Yes
Sample Quantity Number of samples in the group12
Sample Type Select one from the list (used for AMS charge calculation)Rock
Sample Kind Select one from the list (used for AMS charge calculationother
Sample Origin select one from the list Solid earth
Nuclides Select nuclides request for AMS 10Be, 36Cl
Area sample from Area sample is fromYellow river
Field nameField value (Note)Example
Process list Deselect the processes not requested or already done.
List of new samples to be submitted to PRIME Lab
Samplesample identification defined by sample submitter, limited to 12 alphnumeric characters (0-9 and a-z)YR01d02
Descriptionsample description. less than 80 alphnumeric characters (0-9 and a-z)lat.30, log 71, depth 10m, dried for 3 days
Estimated-RatioEstimated isotope abundance in 10E-15. One significant digit is enough 5000
Estimated age used during chem. processing
Field nameField value (Note)Example
Nuclide:Select from list10Be
Sample PLID start fromForgot? Select "Waiting for AMS"200600211
Holder number start:6 digits integer71345
Holder number end6 digits intger71367
Loaded onday/month/year19/06/2006

Note: PRIME lab members should login the submitter page in order to enter her/his loading records.

If you are receiving an error message, please stop entering data immediately and email