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New Plans of Study for Students Entering Fall 2013 or later

The following Sample Plans of Study represent the most recent guidelines and requirements from the College of Science. These Plans of study are for students entering in Fall 2012 or before, Fall 2013, or Fall 2014 or later.

Major  Fall '12
 Fall '13
 Fall '14
Physics [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
Physics (Honors) [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
Applied Physics [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
Applied Physics (Honors) [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
Physics Education [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]

Description of Applied Physics Option

Previous Plans of Study for Students Entering Prior to Fall 2013

Students who began prior to Fall 2007

Students are required to use the College of Science requirements prior to Fall 2007 and to use the Department of Physics curriculum prior to Fall 2007.

Students who began in Fall 2007

Students who began in Fall 2007 can choose this curriculum or the new curriculum that began in Fall 2008. However, they CANNOT choose one set of requirements from the Fall 2007 curriculum and another set of requirement from the Fall 2008 curriculum.

Students who began in FALL 2008 — Fall 2012

Students are to use College of Science Requirements effective from  Fall 2007 or later  AND Department of Physics Requirements effective from Fall 2008.

Presentations given by Physics students in Phys 290A "Careers in Physics"