June,  2016

Writer(s): Mridula Damodaran and Amartya Datta


From Mridula

With the winter finally safely behind us, a group of us headed to Wildcat Creek, where we rented canoes and kayaks and set out on a 4 hour trip down the river. The lush greenery and long overdue sunshine made for a refreshing few hours, in spite of some questionable music choices and widely varying levels of inexperience with paddling. We paused at particularly gorgeous spots to splash around in the water, and made a few unplanned stops involving tipped-over kayaks and beginner kayak-ers whose uneven paddling caused them to move in circles (you know who you are). All in all, an eventful trip after which we headed to Pickett Park to grill some burgers, toss around a soccer ball, and play with adorable pet dogs!


From Amartya:

Every summer PGSA organizes a canoeing/kayaking trip where everyone comes out to enjoy the nice warm weather; this year (2016), we went to Wildcat Creek on June 11th. The trip taken was a 3 hour run through the twists and turns of the creek; and it included stops in the middle of the creek to lay in the river, drinking refreshing beverages in the boat and even an upsized canoe! Afterwards, we did a barbeque at Pickett park where people chilled out and ate lots of good food from our expert grillers, played games and enjoyed the warmth.