Dimitrios Giannios

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Dimitrios Giannios
PHYS 325
(765) 494-5194

Educational and Professional History

2012 - : Assistant Professor, Physics Department, Purdue University
2011 - 2012: Associate Research Scholar, Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University, USA
2008 - 2011: Postdoc, Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University, USA
2005 - 2008: Postdoc, MPI for Astrophysics, Garching, Germany
2002 - 2005: Ph.D. Physics, University of Crete, Greece
2000 - 2002: M.Sc. Physics, University of Crete, Greece
1996 - 2000: B.Sc. Physics, University of Patras, Greece

Research Interests

High-energy astrophysics:

  • Theoretical study of the physics of relativistic jets (jets from galactic centers, from compact objects in binary systems and in gamma-ray bursts)
  • Acceleration and composition of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
  • The nature of the central engine of gamma-ray bursts


  • The appearance of compact objects in general relativity and modified theories of gravity

Recent Publications (2009 - 2012)
  1. “Optical and X-ray transients from planet-star mergers” Metzger, B. D., Giannios, D., & Spiegel, D. S. 2012, MNRAS, in press
  2. “The peak energy of dissipative GRB photospheres” Giannios, D. 2012, MNRAS, 422, 3092
  3. “Afterglow Model for the Radio Emission from the Jetted Tidal Disruption Candidate Swift J1644+57” Metzger, B. D., Giannios, D., & Mimica, P., 2012, MNRAS, 420, 3528
  4. “GRB afterglow light curves from realistic density profiles”, Mimica, P., & Giannios, D. , 2011, MNRAS, 418, 583
  5. “A relativistic jetted outburst from a massive black hole fed by a tidally disrupted star”, Bloom, J. S., Giannios, D., et al., 2011, Science, 333, 203
  6. “Radio transients by stellar tidal disruption by massive black holes”, Giannios, D., & Metzger, B. D., 2011, MNRAS, 416, 2102
  7. “Heavy nuclei synthesized in gamma-ray burst outflows as source of UHECRs”, Metzger, B. D., Giannios, D., & Horiuchi, S. 2011, MNRAS, 415, 2495
  8. “The Proto-Magnetar Model for Gamma-Ray Bursts”, Metzger, B. D., Giannios, D., Thompson, T. A., Bucciantini, N., & Quataert, E. 2011, MNRAS, 413, 2031
  9. “Radiative properties of reconnection-driven minijets in blazars”, Nalewajko, K., Giannios, D., Begelman, M. C., Uzdensky, D. A., & Sikora, M. 2011, MNRAS, 413, 333
  10. “GRB 050502B optical afterglow: a jet break at high redshift”, Afonso, P., Greiner, J., Pian, E., Covino, S., Malesani, D., Kupcu Yoldas, A. Kruehler, T., Clemens, C., McBreen, S., Rau, A., Giannios, D., & Hjorth, j. 2011, A&A, 526, A154
  11. “UHECRs from magnetic reconnection in relativistic jets”, Giannios, D. 2010, MNRAS, 408, L46
  12. “Multiwavelength afterglow light curves from magnetized gamma-ray burst flows”, Mimica, P., Giannios, D., & Aloy, M. A. 2010, MNRAS, 407, 2501
  13. “Unveiling the origin of X-ray flares in Gamma-Ray Bursts”, Chincarini, G., Mao, J., Margutti, R., Bernardini, M. G., Guidorzi, C., Pasotti, F., Giannios, D., et al. 2010, MNRAS, 406, 2113
  14. “Superflares from magnetars revealing the GRB central engine”, Giannios, D. 2010, MNRAS, 403, L51
  15. “Fast TeV variability from misaligned minijets in the jet of M87”, Giannios, D., Uzdensky, D. A., & Begelman, M. C. 2010, MNRAS, 402, 1649
  16. “Signatures of a Maxwellian Component in Shock-Accelerated Electrons in GRBs”, Giannios, D., & Spitkovsky, A. 2009, MNRAS, 400, 330
  17. “Fast TeV variability in blazars: jets in a jet”, Giannios, D., Uzdensky, D. A., & Begelman, M. C. 2009, MNRAS, 395, L29
  18. “A Strong Optical Flare Before the Rising Afterglow of GRB 080129”, Greiner, J., Krühler, T., McBreen, S., Ajello, M., Giannios, D., et al. 2009, ApJ, 693, 1912
  19. “Deceleration of arbitrarily magnetized GRB ejecta: the complete evolution”, Mimica, P., Giannios, D., & Aloy, M. A. 2009, A&A, 494, 879
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