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Daniela Bortoletto

Edward M. Purcell Distinguished Professor of Physics
Office: Physics 372
Telephone: (765) 494-5197
Fax: (765) 494-0706
Personal Homepage

Laurea in Physics, Universita' di Pavia, 1982 Advisor: S. Ratti
M.S., Syracuse University, 1986
Ph.D., Syracuse University, 1989 Advisors: S. Stone and G. Moneti

Current Research Interests:

Experimental Particle Physics at CDF with focus on searches for the standard model Higgs and particles expected in beyond the standard model theories. Silicon pixel detectors for CMS, the SLHC, and the linear collider. Study of WW production and Drell-Yan at the LHC with the CMS detector.

Previous Research Interests:

Studies of top and bottom at CDF. B physics at CLEO

Current Ph. D. Students:

  1. Karolos Potamianos

  2. Ozhan Koybasi

  3. Jakub Zablocki

Former Ph. D. Students:

  1. Mark Kruse, "Top dilepton decays", Ph. D. 1996, now Associate Professor Duke University,
  2. Kara Hoffman, "Search for new physics in b jets proton-antiproton collisions at CDF", Ph. D. 1998, now Assistant Professor University of Maryland
  3. Todd Keaffaber, "Measurement of the B cross section in proton-anti-proton collisions at CDF", Ph. D. 2000, now at INTEL
  4. Arnold Pompos, "Search for the supersymmetric partner of the top quark in proton anti-proton collisions at CDF", Ph. D. 2002, now an assistant professor at UT Southwestern
  5. Carsten Rott, "Search for scalar bottom quarks from gluino decays in proton-proton collisions at a center of mass of 1.96 TeV", Ph. D 2004, now a postdoc at The Ohio State University
  6. Michael Guenther, "Measurement of the time integrated mixing parameter in proton-anti-proton collisions at CDF", Ph. D. 2005, now visiting assistant professor at Arkansas State University
  7. Amitava Roy, "Design, Tests and Characteristics of CMS Pixel Sensors", Ph. D 2005 , now a postdoc at Purdue University School of Pharmacy and  Pharmaceutical Sciences
  8. Kim Giolo, "Measurements of B mesons lifetime in fully hadronic decays at the CDFII experiment ," Ph. D 2005, now in a software company in Switzerland
  9. Anadi Canepa, "Search for chargino and neutralino in Run II of the Tevatron", Ph. D. 2006, now a research scientist at TRIUMF.
  10. Viktor Veszpremi, "Search for the standard model Higgs boson in proton anti-proton collisions at a center of mass energy of 1.8 TeV", Ph. D. 2007, now a postodc at Cornell University.
  11. Artur Apresyan, Ph. D. 2009, is the Tolman Postdoctoral Scholar Experimental Physics at Caltech.

Recent Undergraduate students:

Adrian Delancy, Emily Grace, Julia Novak, Nikkie Bunda, Brian Bismak, Max Brukstern, Stacie Kouba. Many undergraduate students working with Porf. Bortoletto have presented results at undergraduate and regular research conferences and are now in graduate programs at, for example, University of Illinois, or in industry at Intel.

Recent Honors and Awards:

Recent Honors and Awards
Year Award
2004 Fellow of the American Physical Society
2002 Ruth and Joel Spira Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching,
Purdue University Fellow
Early Career Award National Science Foundation
Career Advancement Award, National Science Foundation
Alfred P. Sloan Fellow

Professional experience:

Professional experience
Years Experience
2001–present  Full Professor, Department of Physics, Purdue University
1995–2001 Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Purdue University
1992–1995  Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Purdue University
1989–1992 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Physics, Purdue University

Professional Activities:

Professional Activities
Years Activity
2007-present  US-CMS SLHC upgrade coordinator
2005-present  L3 Manager for the US-CMS forward pixel system for the LHC
2005–2008 Member of High Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP) to the DOE and NSF
2005–2007 Member of Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel.
2006 Member of the program committee of the Joint Meeting of the Pacific Region Particle Physics Communities.
2005–2006 Member of the University Research Association Fermilab external review committee.
2004 NSS program committee of IEEE Rome meeting
2004 Organizer of town meeting for the EPP 2010 panel at Keck Center of the National Academies
2004–present Leader of the CERN-RD50 subgroup on pixel detectors
2003–2006 Elected Member of the Executive Committee of the Division of Particle and Fields of the APS.
2002 Member of the International Advisory Committee of the Pixel conference
2000 Chair of the International Advisory Committee of the Vertex workshop
2000–2001 Member of the DOE review of Brookhaven National Laboratory
1997–present  Member of the International Advisory Committee of the Vertex workshop.
1996–present  Leader of the Purdue CMS forward pixel system for the LHC
1994–1996  Elected member of the Fermilab User Executive Committee.
Ongoing Reviewer of research proposals for NSF, DOE.
Ongoing Referee of papers for NIM, IEEE.

Outreach and Diversity Efforts:

Outreach and Diversity Efforts
Years Program
2003–present Founder and mentor of Quarknet at Purdue University
1992 Founder of Sciencescape science camp for Middle School Girls
1992 Founder of Women in Physics at Purdue

Recent Presentations:

  1. "Search for chargino and neutralino associated production with multileptons", INVITED TALK, Joint Meeting of the Pacific Region Particle Physics Communities, Honolulu, USA, October 29- November 3, 2006
  2. "The CMS pixels Detector’’, INVITED TALK, STD6, the Sixth International "Hiroshima" Symposium on the Development and Application of Semiconductor Tracking Detectors, Carmel, USA, September 11-15, 2006
  3. "Silicon Detectors for the SLHC’, CERN academic training for LHC luminosity upgrade: detector challenges, Geneva, Switzerland, March 13-16, 2006.
  4. "Search for chargino neutralino associated production in trilepton events", INVITED TALK,Meeting of the European Physics Society,  EPS2005, Lisbon, Portugal, July 2005.
  5. "Recent results from RD50", Vertex 2005, Nikko Japan, November 2005.
  6. 4th RD50 meeting, CERN, Switzerland, May 7, 2004
  7. "Searching for SUSY at the Tevatron’’, INVITED TALK, Le recontres du Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam,  August 2004.
  8. "Heavy flavor tagging and collider searches for stop and sbottom’’, TEV4LHC workshop, Fermilab, September 2004.


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