Vehicle Scanner for "Car Bombs"

Security and safety have increasingly become global priorities since the beginning of the century.  Terrorist objectives have created new arenas for guerilla warfare.  The Purdue Applied Physics Laboratory, along with Raytheon Company and 2K Corporation, have become involved in the efforts to create modern security methods that allow for intense investigation with minimal interruption of normal operations.  It is necessary to deploy systems that allow security agencies to conduct thorough searches without incapacitating civilian activities.  High-risk areas such as military checkpoints, and other civil arenas like airports, and high profile buildings need efficient security measures. 

CarScreen is a portal system that protects entrance points to secure areas.  It uses neutron interrogation technologies to detect Improvised Explosive Devices (IED's), and radiological threats.  The CarScreen system is faster than any other competing technology.  Each vehicle is investigated in a fully automated fashion to minimize the risks to personnel involved in conducting the security screenings.






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