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Fearless Leader Prof. Ron Reifenberger, our fearless leader.
Company Man Dr. Steve Howell, former graduate student and current Post Doc. Steve is currently studying biological proteins with our newest SFM from Molecular Imaging. He's a Marine, too. Thesis: Electrostatic Force Microscopy Studies of Nanoscale Systems (pdf, 24.5 MB) (gzipped PostScript file, 6.0MB)
Big Daddy Scott Crittenden, graduate student. Scott is currently studying the properties of monolayers of the protein bacteriorhodopsin. Prelim: Scanning Force Microscopy Studies of Purple Membrane (gzipped pdf, 1.7MB)
Hungary Man Gabor Pszota , graduate student. Gabor is learning STM on our new Omicron STM/SFM.
Grating Specialist Laura Guirl , graduate student. Laura is learning SFM under Steve's benevolent tutelage.
Mechanical Genius Stephen Brown , undergraduate student. Steve Brown is melting teflon.
The New and Improved Elton Jay Gaillard , graduate student. Jay works with nanotubes.

Former Members      

Why Leave Maine? Dr. André Labonté, our most recent graduate. André now works for National Semiconductoar up in his home turf of Maine. Thesis: Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy on Organic Molecules (pdf 3.6MB)
Because it's there Leszek Spalek , undergraduate student from Krakow. Leszek worked on electro-depositing bacterial membranes on indium tin oxide (ITO).
Domo Arigato Dr. Oscar Custance , visiting graduate student from Spain. Oscar helped design and build our Omicron-based UHV STM/SFM.
Nice Guy Dr. Elton Graugnard, former graduate student. Elton is now a post-doc in John Weaver's group at the University of Illinos in Urbana-Champaign. Thesis: The Electronic Properties of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes.(pdf file, 21MB)     (gzipped postscript file, 11.4MB)     Elton's dissertation defense slides
Laetitia Soukiassian, former french exchange student. She worked on the conductance of Au break junctions. Senior project title: Measuring the Conductance of Gold Atomic Wires: Quantized Conductance of a Break Junction. (pdf file, 580 kB).
Dr. Takhee Lee, former graduate student. Takhee is working in Mark Reed's group at Yale University. Thesis: Electronic Properties of Au Nanoclusters/Semiconductor Structures with Low Resistance Interfaces. (pdf file, 2.2MB)     (zipped postscript file, 3.4MB)
Brian Walsh, former graduate student of Prof. David Janes. He is working at IBM Microelectronics in Hopwell Junction, NY. Thesis: Kelvin Force Microscopy of Carbon Nanotubes. (pdf file, 6.7MB)    (zipped postscript file, 6.5MB)
Dr. Pedro de Pablo, visiting graduate student. Pedro is now at the Vrije Universiteit Ansterdam
Dr. Seunghun Hong, former graduate student, now an assistant professor at Florida State University. He worked on a UHV STM and debugged a lot of the new STM control software. Thesis: Electric Transport Through Nanostructures: Quantum Dots, Molecular Nanowires and Carbon Nanotubes.
Dr. Dan Lovall, former graduate student, now works for Xontech, Inc. in sunny California. He built most of our FIM/FEM chamber and was responsible for much of the look of our homepage. Thesis: Field-Ion Microscopy of Supported Nanometer Size Au Clusters and Carbon Nanotubes. (pdf file, 4.21MB)    (zipped postscript file, 4.8MB)
Dr. Barrett Gady, former graduate student, now working at Xerox. thesis: Measurement of Interaction Forces Between Micrometer-sized Particles and Flat Surfaces Using an Atomic Force Microscope.(pdf file, 1.18MB)    (zipped postscript file, 1.4MB)
Dave Schleef, now a graduate student at UC Berkeley, writes computer programs, answers questions, and solves other people's problems.
Dr. Matt Dorogi, former graduate student, works for Applied Materials, Inc.. Built and operated a UHV STM. Thesis: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy Study of Single Electron Tunneling in Self-Assembled Molecular Nanostructures
Dr. Mario Paniccia, former graduate student, now works at Intel. Thesis: Scanning Probe Studies of Electromigration in Gold Films .
Dr. Julio Gomez, former post-doctoral researcher, is now a professor at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in the (New Microscopies Lab).
Dr. Tom Miller, former graduate student, now works for Keithley Instruments, Inc.. Thesis: Studies in Layered High Temperature Superconductors with a Low Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscope .
Dr. Dave Schaefer, former graduate student, now an assistant professor at Towson State University in Maryland. His current projects include being the faculty supervisor of the Nanotechnology Center. Thesis: Elastic Properties and Cluster-Substrate Interactions of Preformed Nanometer-size Gold Clusters Measured Using Atomic Force Microscopy.
Dr. Richard Piner, former graduate student, now working at Northwestern University Thesis: A Scanning Tunneling Microscope Study of Polymer Surface Morphology .
Dr. Yun-Zhong (Peter) Li, former graduate student, graduated in December 1989. He built the first STM at Purdue in late 1985 and used it to study nanometer-size clusters on substrates. He is now working with a bio-tech company in the Boston area. Last known email:

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