Schaefer DM, Ramachandra A, Andres RP, Reifenberger R
Dept. of Phys., Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN, USA.
Imaging nanometer-size metallic clusters with the atomic force microscope.
Zeitschrift fur Physik D-Atoms Molecules & Clusters, vol.26, no.1-4, 1993,
pp.249-51. Germany.
Conference Information
Sixth International Symposium on Small Particles and Inorganic Clusters
(ISSPIC) 6. Chicago, IL, USA. 16-22 Sept. 1992.
The atomic force microscope has been used in the attractive (noncontact) force mode to produce images of individual nanometer-size clusters pre-formed in the gas phase and deposited on a wide variety of atomically-flat substrates. Using this technique, it is now possible to reliably image pre-formed clusters in their as-deposited positions. Studies of nanometer-size Au clusters supported on highly oriented pyrolitic graphite clearly show how the clusters are distributed across the scanned region. Cluster coverages inferred from atomic force studies are compared to those obtained from TEM studies of amorphous carbon grids simultaneously exposed to the same cluster beam. (18 References).