Schaefer DM, Carpenter M, Reifenberger R, Demejo LP, and Rimai DS.
Dept. of Phys., Purdue Univ., W. Lafayette, IN, USA.
Surface force interactions between micrometer-size polystyrene spheres and silicon substrates using atomic force techniques.
Journal of Adhesion Science & Technology, vol.8, no.3, 1994, pp.197-210. Netherlands.
The surface force interactions between a single micrometer-size polystyrene sphere and a p-type silicon substrate were investigated using atomic force microscope techniques. The force of removal and the degree of deformation of the particle determined as a function of the applied loading force. The work of removal, estimated assuming a perfectly spherical particle and a smooth substrate, was also determined. The influence of surface contamination and the implications of the short contact times used in these experiments are discussed. (43 References).