Schaefer DM, Patil A, Andres RP, and fenberger R.
Dept. of Phys., Purdue. Univ., West Lafayette, IN, USA.
Nanoindentation of a supported Au cluster.
Applied Physics Letters, vol.63, no.11, 13 Sept. 1993, pp.1492-4. USA.
An atomic force microscope has been used in the attractive (noncontact) force mode to image individual nanometer-size Au clusters preformed in the gas phase and deposited on variety of atomically flat substrates. Using this technique, it is possible to reliably image preformed clusters in their as-deposited positions. This capability allows nanoindentation studies to measure the mechanical properties of individual nanometer-size clusters supported on atomically flat substrates. The authors find that the elastic modulus of a 3.1-nm Au cluster is 56/sub -19//sup +33/ GPa. This should be compared to a bulk value of 80 GPa for polycrystalline Au and 120 GPa for crystalline Au in the (111) direction. (7 References).