Lin ME, Ramachandra A, Andres RP, Reifenberger R
Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN, USA.
Electronic states and structural stability of supported Au clusters.
Zeitschrift fur Physik D-Atoms Molecules & Clusters, vol.26, no.1-4, 1993,
pp.59-63. Germany.
Conference Information
Sixth International Symposium on Small Particles and Inorganic Clusters
(ISSPIC) 6. Chicago, IL, USA. 16-22 Sept. 1992.
The quantized energy levels of electrons in supported nanometer-size Au clusters have been resolved at room temperature using field emission techniques. By studying the time dependence of the electron emission current from an individual supported cluster, information about the structural stability of the cluster can also be obtained. Studies show abrupt jumps between different emission rates that are revisited as time progresses. This phenomenon can be attributed to a rearrangement of the cluster structure and/or orientation on the substrate and provides new evidence of multiple 'isomeric' structures for small clusters of metallic atoms. (28 References).