Chudnovskii FA, Schaefer DM, Gavrilyuk AI, Reifenberger R
Ioffe Physical-Tech. Inst., Acad. of Sci., St.-Petersburg, Russia.
A study of the morphology of photochromic and thermochromic MoO/sub 3/
amorphous films using an atomic force microscope.
Applied Surface Science, vol.62, no.3, Oct.-Nov. 1992, pp.145-9.
The surface morphology of amorphous MoO/sub 3/ films enhanced by a coating of N,N-dimethylformamide was studied with an atomic force microscope. Images of the as-grown films revealed a surface structure consisting of approximately 25 nm diameter clusters which has coalesced to form irregular-shaped grains with dimensions ranging between 100 and 190 nm. Similar structure was found in the films after a photochromic or thermochromic transition had occurred. The relative surface areas of the films have been calculated and little change is observed after the photochromic transition while a approximately 2% increase in surface area is observed after the thermochromic transition has taken place. (8 References).