Micro Patterned Gas Detector Development
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2004 Publications

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2001 Publications

  • A study of a combination of MICROMEGAS+GEM chamber in Ar-CO2 gas
    4-10 Nov 2001 San Diego CA 2001 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record ISBN 0-7803-7324-3(softbound) 0-7803-7326-X(CD ROM)
  • A study of MICROMEGAS with preamplification by a single GEM
    Presented at the International conference on advanced technology and particle physics, Villa Olmo, Como, Italy, Oct 15-19, 2001.
    Advanced Technology and Particle Physics,
    Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on ICATPP-7
    Villa Olmo, Como, Italy, October 15-19 2001,
    World Scientific pp 699-703
    Eds M. Barone, E Borchi, J. Huston, C. Leroy,
    P.G. Rancolta, P. Riboni and S.R. Ruchti (2002).

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1993 Publications

  • Gas microstrip detectors with thin plastic substrates
    Proceedings of international europhysics conference on high energy physics, Marseille, France(1993)

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