The Physics Instrument Shop at Purdue The Physics Instrument Shop at Purdue

The Physics Instrument Shop at Purdue University is located in Room 39 of the PHYS Building . The shop uses leading-edge computer-aided design and manufacturing software integrally linked to our CNC machines to produce precision parts and assemblies from a variety of materials. We specialize in small parts fabricated to precise tolerances. We take pride that our shop is very interactive - from concept to final design. We work closely with all our customers to optimize the final product.

Currently our shop rate is a flat $73.00 per hour. This rate applies to computer aided design, CNC machining, set up time and assembly

Our main customer base is the research faculty and graduate students across Purdue's main campus. Our customers come from both science and engineering. This interdisciplinary experience allows us to effectively design and build instruments for many different disciplines. We have provided reliable service to Purdue for over fifty years.

We extensively use the (Autodesk) Inventor software to design parts and to make final assembly drawings. A few examples are provided below.

From computer design to finished product, an acoustical shielded box for low vibration measurements.

Design of an anode gun for magnetron sputtering source used for producing nanoparticles of magnetic materials showing computer design of all parts and the final assembled piece.

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