The Physics Instrument Shop at Purdue The Physics Instrument Shop at Purdue

The faculty shop at Purdue is maintained and supervised by Jim Corwin. Jim teaches a shop course to Physics graduate students that provide the basic safety and know how to fabricate simple parts.

Access to the shop is controlled by a computer monitored swipe card lock. Once the basic safety course has been passed, student IDs are programmed into the computer, allowing them access to the shop and its equipment.

The faculty shop has a variety of mills, lathes, drill presses and saws capable of producing prototype parts for research and teaching. The shop is also equipped with a well stocked tool room that finds extensive use by graduate students throughout the department.

The faculty shop rules and the table of contents for the instructional material available to all graduate students is provided below.

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Rules for the Faculty Shop
Instructions for Manual Lathe Operation
Instructions for Manual Mill Operation

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