The Physics Instrument Shop at Purdue The Physics Instrument Shop at Purdue

The Instrument Shop has a wide variety of equipment including

  • Hurco CNC mill
  • Bridgeport manual mill
  • Wells manual mill
  • Van Norman vertical/horizontal manual mill
  • Hardinge CNC lathe
  • Harrison manual lathe
  • Metal bending equipment
  • Band saws and drill presses
  • Welding/soldering room




The shop also maintains a wide variety of metals and plastics including aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel, brass, carbon, nylon, Teflon, Delrin, polycarbonate, bakelite and acrylic. The shop has experience with machineable ceramics like Macor, and has made parts from alumina as required.



The Instrument Shop also maintains an extensive stock of steel and stainless cap screws, both in inch and metric threads. Combined with our stock of raw materials, this allows us to start many jobs without delay.

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