Anisotropic states at high magnetic fields

The goal of this side project is to understand the nature of anisotropic phases in quantum Hall effect regime.

People involved

Tsu-ging Lin


This project is a follow up to our recent work [1] where we understood a directionality of stripe phases in the quantum Hall regime. Specifically, we are interested in re-entrant quantum Hall states (so-called "bubble phases"), both on the second and third Landau level. We found that resistivity near these states is very sensitive to uniaxial strain, in the presence of strain resistivity becomes highly anisotropic. The particular strain dependence allows us to understand miscroscopic origin of bubble phases.

[1] S. P. Koduvayur, L. P. Rokhinson, D. C. Tsui, L. N. Pfeiffer, and K. W. West, Anisotropic modification of the effective hole g-factor by electrostatic confinement", Physical Review Letters 100, 126401 (2008)

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