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Poster Session Presentations

Crandall, Warzinski & O’Connor, Examining How CO2 Displaces Brine at the Pore Level

Mehmani,Prodanović & Javadpour, Investigating gas permeability in shales using multi-physics and multi-scale network modeling

Tokan-Lawal, Prodanovic & Zuleima, Relative Permeability of microfractured formations

Vermorel, Botan, Brochard, Hantal & Pellenq, Multi-scale models of kerogen in gas shales

Dodge & Baker, Numerical Modeling of an Experimental Method for Characterizing Fluid Flow in Porous Materials

Gregorova, Pabst, Cerny & Cerny, Porous Alumina and Zirconia Ceramics with Tailored Elasticity and Well-Defined High-Temperature Properties

Merel, Ferrari, Leclerc & Stemmelen, Measurements of dispersion in porous media by NMR technique

Rodriguez & Gouze, Reversible skeletonization and applications to the characterization of porous media

Saad, Caro & Saad, Transfer of hydrogen in waste nuclear storage : numerical comparison of static and dynamic mass exchange

Taghdirian & Boroomand, Exponential Basis Functions (EBFs) in Solution of Two-dimensional Thermoelasticity problems

Vabishchevich & Vasilyeva, Pressure problem for multiphase filtration and parallel solution algorithms

Wang & Xu, Deformation mechanisms of shore slope under wave induced seepage and stress coupling

Benes, Illangansekare & Zak, Model of Soil Freezing and Thawing

Yuan & Shapiro, Percolation of particles in pores

Raoof, Spiers & Hassanizadeh, Reactive Pore-Scale Modeling of Porosity-Permeability Relation in Porous Media

Palakurthi, Comer, Champhekar & Ghia, Permeability Evaluation of Saturated Thin Fibrous Porous Media using OpenFOAM, an open-source CFD Code

Reddy Perati, Gurijala & Bandari, Study of the plane strain vibrations of thick-walled hollow poroelastic cylinder with polygonal cross section

Parashar & Reeves, Comparative Performance of Various Krylov Subspace Iterative Methods for Computaton of Flow in Two-Dimensional Discrete Fracture Networks

Delgado, Romero & Kumar, Scalability Analysis of Parallel Numerical Solvers for Linear Porescale Network Simulation

Noborio & Aoki, Does Clay Structure Affect Heat Transfer in Salt-Affected Soil?

Rodriguez, Malvault, Ahmadi, Ambari, Bruneau, Champmartin & Omari, On the Determination of Pore size distribution from Injection of yield stress fluids through model porous media

Imran, Schotting & Kleingeld, Thermographic experiments and modeling of thermal dispersion effects on temperature distributions in saturated porous media

Zhang, Hassanizadeh, Karadimitriou, Kleingeld & Imhof, Visualization of Colloid Transport in a PDMS micro-model with Confocal Microscope

Hahn & LehmannInfluence of spatial resolution on accuraacy and computational efficiency in simulations of fibrous filter media