Procter & Gamble Interpore Award

2012 Winner:  Andro Mikelic, Universite Lyon

InterPore would like to announce to its members a new Award, funded by Procter & Gamble: this is the InterPore-Procter and Gamble Award for Porous Media Research-2012.

The Award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to topics related to swelling porous media, very thin porous media, and behavior at interfaces.  Nominees must be members of InterPore.


InterPore Fraunhofer Award for Young Researchers, 2012

2012 Winner:  Dan O'Malley, Purdue University

The International Society for Porous Media, Interpore, on behalf of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics, ITWM, will grant in 2012 an Award to a Young Researcher at the PhD or Postdoc level, working in the areas of porous and composite materials modeling and computer simulation. Specific areas of research include mathematical modeling at all scales, analysis of deformable porous media, and characterization of porous media structure. The Award will be given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the above topics, and it will be presented during the InterPore conference 2012 at Purdue University.


InterPore Honorary Membership Award 2012

2012 Winner:  Rien van Genuchten, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

The Honorary Membership Award is reserved for individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to porous medium science and technology, who are world renown in the porous media community, and whose contributions are consistent with the aims and ideals of InterPore. This award will be given to only one individual per year. The award consists of a certificate, lifetime InterPore membership, and a travel grant of 1000 Euro for participation in the InterPore Annual Meeting and Conference.


Procter & Gamble Student Award

Deadline:  Prior to April 30, 2012

The Procter and Gamble Student Award is meant to recognize outstanding student poster presentations at the annual InterPore conference.  All topics relevant to the mission of InterPore and to the study of flow in porous media, broadly defined, will be eligible for this student award. 

Up to two awards will be made each year, with each award consisting of a prize of 500 Euros.

For additional information on the awards: Interpore FlashNews Issue 8, Sept 28, 2011