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Session 7 from 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM Wednesday May 16, 2012



Stewart 214A

Advances in Modeling, Simulation and Data Integration for Subsurface Reservoirs II

Session Chairs:  Mary Wheeler, Pencheva, Tavakoli

Wang & Gildin, Reservoir Model Calibration and Uncertainty Quantification Using a Self-adapted Evolutionary Strategy

Wheeler, Mikelicn & WangConvergence of Iterative Coupling for Coupled Flow and Mechanics

Srinivasan & Barrera, Data integration by simultaneous calibration of multiphase flow functions

Yotov, Ganis, Girault, Song & Vassilev, Mortar multiscale methods for coupled groundwater and surface water flows in irregular domains

Stewart 214B

Heat Transfer and Phase Change I

Session Chair:  Nima Shokri

Nawel, Nour & SassiStudy of the evaporation of saline solution in porous media

Sullivan & BennethumComparison of Nonlinear Evaporation and Diffusion Models in a Capillary Tube Geometry

Kharaghani, Kirsch, Metzger & TsotsasCapillary Effects during Convective Drying of Highly Porous Materials: Simulation and Comparison with Experimental Measurements

Stewart 214C

Colloid Transport in Porous Media I

Session Chairs:  Ahmadi, Bertim & Omari

Baumann, Huckele, Reitzel, & NießnerNanoparticles in the Aquatic Environment

Boomsma & Pyrak-NolteParticle Swarms in Fractures with Uniform, Converging or Diverging Apertures

Javadpour & Mohammadi, Determining the Adsorption Coefficient of Nanoparticles in Porous Media using Atomic Force Microscopy (withdrawn)

Nelson & GinnEvaluation of Collector Efficiency Equations for Colloid Filtration in Saturated Granular Porous Media

Stewart 214D

Reservoir Modeling with Uncertainty IV

Session Chairs:  Xiao-Hui Wu, Yuguang Chen, Yalchin Efendiev

DurlofskyModel order reduction for subsurface flow and geological parameter representation

Efendiev, Iliev & KronsbeinMulti-level Monte Carlo methods for multi-phase flow and transport simulations

Moulton, Lipnikov, Svyatskiy & JiangAdvances in Multilevel Model Reduction for Reservoir Simulation

Gildin, Efendiev, Galvis & RomanovskayaLocal-Global Multiscale Model Reduction for History Matching and Optimization in Heterogeneous Porous Media Flow

Stewart 218A

Transport in Food and Biomaterials II

Session Chair: Pawan Takhar

Campanella, Santos & Carcione, Effective viscoelastic rheology for fluid-saturated porous media

Xue, Lu & CorvalanDirect numerical simulation of multiphase flow of complex fluids through capillary pores

Chamsri & BennethumModeling the Flow of PCL Fluid due to the Movement of Lung Cilia

Takhar, Maier, Chen & CampanellaStress-crack initiation during drying of corn kernels: a hybrid mixture theory based porous media approach

Stewart 218B

Swelling Materials: from Molecular to Continuum Scale II

Session Chair: Jacques Huyghe

Huyghe, Roos & PettersonShear modulus in a gel depends on osmolarity

Derome, Rafsanjani, Patera & CarmelietHygromorphic behaviour of cellular material: hysteretic swelling and shrinkage of wood probed by phase contrast X-ray tomography

Desai, Desa & AswalPorosity and Hydration Studies of Bentonite Clays by SANS

Ahmed & JesiekAssessing Isotropy of Shrinkage in Soils

Stewart 218C

Fractional Calculus in Medical Imaging and Hydrology II

Session Chairs: Mark Meerschaert & Richard Magin

Meerschaert, McGough, Straka & ZhouFractional calculus models for medical ultrasound

McGoughAn approximate on-axis impulse response for a circular piston in power law media

WoyczynskiNonlinear and Nonlocal Porous Medium Equation and Its Probabilistic Interpretation

VollerDirection and Non-linearity in Non-local Diffusion Transport Models


Session 8  from 2:10 PM – 4:10 PM Wednesday May 16, 2012



Stewart 214A

Advances in Modeling, Simulation and Data Integration for Subsurface Reservoirs III

Session Chairs:  Mary Wheeler, Pencheva, Tavakoli

Darcis, Flemisch & ClassMulti-physics Approaches for Hydro-Geomechanical Coupling in CO2 Storage

Wolff, Flemisch & HelmingAdaptive multi-scale modeling of two-phase flow including capillary pressure

Polívka & MikyukaCombined Method for Computation of Multicomponent Compressible Flow in Porous Media

Stewart 214B

Heat Transfer and Phase Change II

Session Chair: Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini Qomi

Geback, Heintz, Marucci, Arnehed & BoissierMass transport simulations in EC/HPC films using the Lattice Boltzmann method

van der Sman, Voda & van DuynhovenMultiscale simulation of the rehydration of freeze-dried vegetables

Yang, Lemarchand & Fen-chongA Micromechanics model of Freezing in porous media

Shaeri, Pillai & BeyhaghiDrying Simulation of a Porous Medium Using a Pore-Network Model with Multiple Open Sides

Stewart 214C

Colloid Transport in Porous Media II

Session Chairs:  Ahmadi, Bertim & Omari

Bradford, Torkzaban, Kim & SimunekModeling Colloid and Microorganism Transport and Release With Transients in Solution Chemistry

You, Badalyan, Aji, Bruining & BedrikovetskySize exclusion deep bed filtration: micro- and macro- models & laboratory tests

Zeinijahromi & BedrikovetskyMaximum retention concentration function as a model for particles detachment in porous media: mathematical and laboratory modelling

Sefrioui Chaibainou, Ahmadi, Bertin & OmariDirect numerical simulation of colloid transport at the microscopic scale: influence of ionic strength in the presence of a rough surface

Stewart 214D

Measuring Mixing, Spreading and Dispersion in Complex Media I

Session Chairs:  Domelle, Bolster & Moroni

Bolster, Le Borgne, de Anna, Tartakovsky & DentzEffective pore-scale dispersion---asymptotic and transient behaviour

ParkThe complexity of Brownian processes run with nonlinear clocks

Borges & CorreaUncertainty Quantification for the Tracer Flow Problem in Self-Similar Permeability Fields

Villarreal & BolsterMulti-Method Study of a Sharp, Macroscopic Interface Separating Homogeneous Media

Stewart 218A

Engineered Porous Media

Session Chair:  Oleg Iliev

Mikelic, P&G Award Lecture:  A Derivation and Justification of the Biot-Kirchoff-Love Poroelastic Plate Model-Part 1

Mikelic, P&G Award Lecture:  A Derivation and Justification of the Biot-Kirchoff-Love Poroelastic Plate Model-Part 2

Wiegmann, GeoDict---concepts for an interactive framework for virtual porous

Iliev, On modeling and simulation of porous electrodes of Li-ion batterie

Stewart 218B

Swelling Materials:  from Molecular to Continuum Scale IV

Session Chair: Jacques Huyghe

Brochard, Vandamme, Pellenq & Fen-Chong, Modeling the differential swelling of coal during ECBM recovery: Poromechanics and CO2-CH4 mixture adsorption

Nikoosokhan, Brochard, Vandamme, Dangla & Pellenq, Combining Poromechanics with Molecular and Reservoir Simulations to Model Coal Bed Methane Production

Sansalone, Kaiser, Naili, Komarova & Lemaire, Effects of calcium fluxes within bone canaliculi on osteocyte's mechanosensitivity

Tomar & Goyal, Elastic wave propagation in swelling porous medium

Stewart 218C

Fractional Calculus in Medical Imaging and Hydrology III

Session Chairs: Mark Meerschaert & Richard Magin

Benson, Conditional Simulation of Operator-Scaling Random Fractals

Hoffman, Scheffler & Anders, Operator Scaling Stable Random Sheets with application to binary mixtures

Nane, Continuous Time Random Walk Limits in Bounded Domains

Nolan, Computing the Greens functions for fractional Laplacians


Session 9  from 4:35 PM – 6:35 PM Wednesday May 16, 2012



Stewart 214A

Advances in Modeling, Simulation and Data Integration for Subsurface Reservoirs IV

Session Chairs:  Mary Wheeler, Pencheva, Tavakoli

Ganis, Juntunen, Pencheva & Wheeler, Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Nonlinear Mortar Interface Problems

Balhoff, Mehmani & Sun, Multiscale Simulation and Upscaling Multi-Species Reactive Transport from the Pore to Macro Scale

Faigle, Helmig, Flemisch & Aavatsmark, Modeling of multiphase flow with a multiphysics framework on adaptive grids

Stewart 214B

Heat Transfer and Phase Change III

Session Chair:  Krishna M Pillai

Abdolhosseini Qomi, Pellenq & Ulm, Multi-scale modeling of heat Transfer in concrete

Leroy, Goyeau & Taine, Macroscopic model for convection/radiation heat transfer in porous media

Shokri & Or, Drying of heterogeneous porous media with sharp wettability contrasts

d'Hueppe, Chandesris, Jamet & Goyeau, Turbulent heat transfer modeling at a fluid-porous interface for a Poiseuille flow (withdrawn)

Stewart 214C

Open Source Software for Porous Media

Session Chair:  Flemisch & Lie

Moulton, Steefel, Gorton, Freedman & Dixon, Amanzi: a Parallel Open-Source Flow and Reactive-Transport Simulator for Environmental Applications

Carlson, Islam, Dumkwu & Bertalan, nSpyres, An Open-Source, Python-based Framework for Simulation of Flow though Porous Media

Flemisch, Flornes, Lie & Rasmussen, The Open Porous Media Initiative

Delgado, Romero & Kumar, A Parallel Framework for solving coupled network & continuum scale models in a porous media

Stewart 214D

Measuring Mixing, Spreading and Dispersion in Complex Media II

Session Chairs:  Domelle, Bolster & Moroni

Paster, Bolster & Benson, Incomplete Mixing and Reaction in Heterogeneous Porous Media: A Particle Based Numerical Study


Kleinfelter Domelle, Moroni & Cushman, The Generalized Dispersion Tensor Revisited: Theory and Calculation for Homogeneous and Heterogenous Porous Media

Domelle, Moroni & CUshman, The finite size Lyapunov exponent and other measures of spread


Stewart 218A

Simulation of Filter Elements as Porous Media at Various Scales

Session Chair:  Martin Lehmann

Lakdawala, Iliev & Kirsch, Mathematical modelling and Numerical Simulation of Industrial Filter Elements

Hettkamp, Meyer & Kasper, Dust-loading of pleated surface filters---simulation and validation

Weber & Lehmann, Numerical Investigation of Filter Cake Buildup with a 3D Model on microscopic Scales

Lehmann, Werchner & Nissler, Challenging the macroscopic porous media boundary condition of ANSYS CFD by detailed simulations on fibrous structures

Stewart 218B

Swelling Materials:  from Molecular to Continuum Scale IV

Session Chair:  Jacques Huyghes

Svanadze, Boundary Integral Method in the Theory of Double-Porosity Materials

Moyne, Dung, Murad & Lima, Two-scal copmutational models for the disjoining pressure based on non-local anisotropic hypernetted chain closure including ion fluctuation and correlation effects

Stewart 218C

Fractional Calculus in Medical Imaging and Hydrology IV

Session Chairs: Mark Meerschaert & Richard Magin

Bolster, Benson, de Anna, Le Borgne, Tartakovsky & Dentz, Fractional Dispersion, Mixing and Chemical Reactions

O'Malley & Cushman, Anomalous relaxation in diffusive processes with non-linear clocks