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Session 4 from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Tuesday May 15, 2012



Stewart 214A

CO2 Sequestration: experimentation, multi-scale modeling and simulation IV

Session Chair:  Felipe Pereira

Ginting, Pereira & Rahunanthan, A Multiscale Mixed Method for Porous Media Flows

Ginting, Pereira & RahunanthanQuantification of Uncertainty in Permeability and Porosity for Predictive Simulation of Subsurface Flows

Ginting, Pereira & RahunanthanParallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods in Predictive Simulations for Porous Media Flows

ZhangUpscaling & Complexity in Modeling Hierarchical Subsurface Reservoirs

Stewart 214B

Multiphase Flow

Session Chair:  Martin Lehmann

Latrille & Neel, Influence of water content on pore velocity in unsaturated sand column

Kissling, Helmig & RohdeA Multi-Scale Approach for Infiltration Processes in Porous Media

Schmid & GeigerUniversal Scaling of Spontaneous Imbibition for Arbitrary Petrophysical Properties

Skogestad, Keilegavlen & Nordbotten, Multiscale simulations with efficient multiphase coarse solvers

Stewart 214C

Material Properties and Deformation of Multiphase Media I

Session Chair:  Eriwin Desa

Pabst & GregorováCorrelating Microstructure and Thermal Conductivity of Porous Ceramics---What is Known, What is Needed?

Liu & Freij-AyoubYield strength of rocks from microtomography and the upscaling using percolation theory

Franca, Mello, Sesini & RodriguesIncompressibility in Geomechanics

YiA Locking-free Numerical Method for Poroelasticity

Stewart 214D

Reservoir Modeling with Uncertainty I

Session Chairs:  Xiao-Hui Wu, Yuguang Chen, Yalchin Efendiev

VaughanReservoir Modeling Needs & Challenges: A Business Perspective

Strebelle & CaveliusIntegrating Geological Concepts in Facies Modeling using Multiple-Point Statistics

Geiger, Al-Dhahli, van Dijke, Dentz & NeuweilerHow do sub-grid uncertainties propagate into reservoir-scale flow predictions for carbonate reservoirs?

Vink, Alpak, Gao & Mo, Reservoir flow simulation under uncertainty: How to optimize the In-situ Upgrading Process?

Stewart 218A

Challenges and solutions in microbially induced calcite precipitation: theory, experiment, and simulation I

Session Chairs:  Tim Ginn, Rainer Helmig, Ebigbo

Smith, Fujita, Ginn, Weatheres, Gebrehiwet & Taylor, Approaches for Modeling Ureolytic Calcite Precipitation in Geomedia

Fujita, Henriksen, Taylor & SmithCharacterizing and quantifying ureolytic activity in porous media

van NoordenModeling and upscaling precipitation-dissolution processes in porous media (withdrawn)

Gerlach, Phillips, Lauchor, Ebigbo, Connolly, Zhang, Mitchell, Klapper,  Helmig, Cunningham & Spangler, Improving Control of Microbial Activity and Microbially-Induced Mineral Precipitation in Flow Systems---Experiments and Modelling

Stewart 218B

Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media: From structure to transport and beyond I

Session Chair:  Joe Seymour

Sederman, Holland, Mitchell & GladdenBayesian Magnetic Resonance Techniques in Multi-Phase Systems

SongMagnetic Resonance of Porous Media

Bytchenkoff & Rodts, Structure of the two-dimensional NMR-relaxation spectra of porous systems

Nordin, Jacobi & NydénA mixed basis perturbation method for fast calculations of obstructed

Stewart 218C

Pore-scale visualization of processes in porous media IV

Session Chairs:  Nikolaos Karadimitriou, S. M. Hassanizadeh, Laura Pyrak-Nolte

Pyrak-Nolte, Boomsma & TeasdaleImaging Particle Swarms in Fractures with Miscible and Immiscible Fluids

Baumann, Ivleva, Metz & Nießner, Visualization of Biogeochemical Interfaces Using Micromodels

HassanizadehVisualization of colloid transport in an innovative PDMS micro-model, with the use of confocal microscopy

Jobic, Hugo, Occelli & Topin, Numerical approach of dispersion in open cell foams: Influence of cell shape


Session 5  from 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM Tuesday May 15, 2012



Stewart 214A

Inertial Flow in Porous Media

Session Chairs: Azita Ahmadi, Didier Lasseux, Wood

BalhoffPore-Scale Modeling of Non-Darcy Flow Regimes in Porous Media

Peszynska & TrykozkoFlow with inertia and coupled reactive transport across the scales

Patil & LiburdyFlow Structure Characteristics in Transition from Steady to Turbulent Flow in Porous Media

Lasseux, Ahmadi & Abbasian AraniOne-phase flow in porous media: is the Forchheimer correction relevant?

Stewart 214B

Non-Darcian Multiphase Transport Phenomena in Porous Media I

Session Chairs:  Didier Lasseux & Michel Quintard

Schreyer-Bennethum & GiorgiForchheimer Equation for Two-Phase Flow Based on Hybrid Mixture Theory

Soulaine & QuintardDerivation of an anisotropic Darcy-Forchheimer equation including turbulence effects and its application to structured packings

Lasseux & Ahmadi, A stability analysis for inertial two-phase flow in homogeneous porous media

Shalbaf & NoghrehabadiLinear stability of Darcy-Brinkman convection in a multilayer system of fluid and porous layers with internal heat sources

Stewart 214C

Material Properties and Deformation of Multiphase Media II

Session Chair:  Leo Franca

Zou, Tarasov, Dyskin, Adhikary, Pasternak & XuThe impact of stress on permeability of Helidon Sandstone

Charpin & EhrlacherDetermination of elastic and diffusive properties of a Calcium-Silica-Alkali hydrogel through macroscopic indentation

Vaz, Desa, Krishna & ShindeStructures of Porous Compacts of Coated Glass Microspheres

Stewart 214D

Reservoir Modeling with Uncertainty II

Session Chairs:  Xiao-Hui Wu, Yuguang Chen, Yalchin Efendiev

Ghayour, Wu & Sun, Computer Simulations of Flow Baffles and Barriers

Honarkhah, Chen & GrossDistance-Based Model Representation and Uncertainty Quantification: Application to an Offshore Gas-Condensate Reservoir

Efendiev, Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification for Channelized Subsurface Characterization

Wu, Cheng, Gai, Ghayour & HigdonMultiscale Parameterization of Reservoir Geometry

Stewart 218A

Challenges and solutions in microbially induced calcite precipitation: theory, experiment, and simulation II

Session Chairs:  Tim Ginn, Rainer Helmig, Ebigbo

DeJong, Martinez, Ginn & NelsonOptimization of Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation Treatments in 1-D Columns & Scaled Repeated Five-Spot Treatment Models: Numerical & Experimental Results

Zhang & KlapperMathematical Model of Biofilm Induced Calcite Precipitation

Muynck, De Belie & VerstraeteUrea based biodeposition: state of the art and future perspectives

Stewart 218B

Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media: From structure to transport and beyond II

Session Chair:  Joe Seymour

Codd, Seymour, Sanderlin & VogtImpact of Biofouling on Porous Media Transport Dynamics Measured by Magnetic Resonance Displacement Relaxation Correlation

Bernin & Topgaard, Microstructure of locally anisotropic materials from magnetic resonance mapping of water rotation and diffusion

SakhanenkoEstimation of integral curves from noisy diusion tensor data

Seymour, Codd, Brosten & MaierPGSE NMR Measurement of Hydrodynamic Dispersion: Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, structure and permeability


Session 6 from 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM Tuesday May 15, 2012



Stewart 214A

Advances in Modeling, Simulation and Data Integration for Subsurface Reservoirs I

Session Chairs:  Mary Wheeler, Pencheva, Tavakoli

ArbogastAn Eulerian-Lagrangian WENO Finite Volume Scheme for Advection Problems

Pencheva, Wheeler & VohralíkA Posteriori Error Estimates, Stopping Criteria, and Adaptivity for Flow in Porous Media

Gharbia, Jaffre & RobertsA posteriori estimates for hexahedral mixed finite elements

Saad & SaadUpwind Finite Volume Scheme for Compressible and Immiscible Two-Phase Flows in Porous Media

Stewart 214B

Non-Darcian multiphase transport phenomena in porous media II

Session Chairs:  Didier Lasseux & Michel Quintard

Sinha & HansenTwo-phase Flow in Porous Media: Power-law Scaling in Steady-state Properties

Horgue, Augier, Prat & QuintardPore-Network Approach for Two-Phase Trickle Flows in Porous Media

Wood, Liburdy, Apte, Finn & Patil, An LES method for flow in porous media

Hassanizadeh, A truly extended Darcy's law for Two-phase Flow in Porous Media

Stewart 214C

Material Properties and Deformation of Multiphase Media III

Session Chair:  Jean Roberts

Schenke & Ehlers, On the Dynamic Behaviour of Soils within the Framework of Elasto-Plasticty

Xu, Wang, Wang & Wang, Coupled permeability variation and accelerated creep deformation modeling for brittle rocks

Kissi & Parron, Two-Dimensional Modeling Approach of the Fluid/Soil Interface in the Hole Erosion Test (HET)


Stewart 214D

Reservoir Modeling with Uncertainty III

Session Chairs:  Xiao-Hui Wu, Yuguang Chen, Yalchin Efendiev

JafarpourSparse Priors for Regularization of Ill-posed Subsurface Model Calibration Inverse Problems

Hu, Zhao, Liu, Scheepens & Bouchard, Parameterizing and Updating Geostatistical Reservoir Models

Wei, Lin & EfendievAdaptive ANOVA-based Mixed MsFEM and Its Applications in Randomly Heterogeneous Two-phase Flows

Stewart 218A

Transport in Food and Biomaterials I

Session Chair: Pawan Takhar

Datta, Multiphase, Multiscale, Deformable Porous Media as a General Framework for Modeling of Food Processes

TakharTemporally non-local unsaturated fluid transport theory for poroviscoelastic biomaterials

HuberCharacteristics of Starch Granule Pores and Channels Impacting Chemical Modification

Eichenlaub, Ganjyal & KohOil Absorption in Fried Foods: A Case Study

Stewart 218B

Swelling Materials:  from Molecular to Continuum Scale I

Session Chair: Jacques Huyghe

EhlersSwelling phenomena in chemically active materials

Bartle & CushmanNumerical solution of balance laws for a swelling porous media

Kaiser, Pivonka & SmithA multiscale cell population-fluid flow model of bone remodeling

Rafsanjani Abbasi & AhmadEffective poroelastic properties of softwood in relation to moisture induced swelling

Stewart 218C

Fractional Calculus in Medical Imaging and Hydrology I

Session Chairs: Mark Meerschaert & Richard Magin

Magin, Gadelkarin & LeowFractional Calculus Models for Diffusion Tensor Imaging

BarrickAnomalous Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Reiter, Magin, Li, Cebrian, Trujillo & SpencerFractional-order Analysis of the Magnetic Resonance Transverse Relaxation Signal in Normal and Degraded Cartilage

Royston, Dai, Peng & MansyFractional Poroviscoelastic Modeling of Sound and Vibration in the Lungs