The Final Report is available here.

Help Name the Panel!

The primary recommendation of the Task Force Report is the creation of a Detector R&D Coordinating Panel (DRDCP). The primary role of the panel would be to promote, coordinate and assist in generic detector R&D nationally on behalf of the community. It has been pointed out by many that DRDCP is difficult to pronounce. Some have dubbed it the “acronym panel”. To rectify the situation the Task Force is conducting a panel naming competition. Please send suggestions to by December 3, 2011. The best suggestion, as judged by the Task Force, will receive a prize of $100.

Welcome to the DPF Instrumentation Task Force.  Read the Taskforce Charge to understand the purpose and scope of the taskforce and its work.  Links to the position papers produced by the taskforce are available below, along with the members of each subcommittee.

Latest Draft of the report is available (October 27, 2011) here

Meetings of the Taskforce


Taskforce subcommittees & position papers

Membership updated: 01-Aug-2011 | (C)=Chair  (*)=National Advisor

Detector R&D Coordinating Panel and Targeted Resources at the National Labs

Position Paper Program Coordination and Resources
Members Artuso, Asner(*), Blucher, Cushman(*), Fast(*), Gilchriese(C), Lipton(*), Lissauer, MacFarlane(C), Molzon, Smith(*), Weerts, White

Instrumentation Schools and Education

Position Paper
Schools and Education
Related Papers

Adam Para, John Hauptman and Hanna Arnold, The CDF and D0 detectors as laboratories for students

Survey of the Instrumentation Schools

Reflections on Understanding of Detectors and Instrumentation, talk at the Detectors R&D Workshop, Fermilab, October 2010

Preliminary results from the survey on the necessity of a Detectors and Instrumentation School, April 2010

Results of informal survey of US universities on the education in Detectors and Instrumentation

Members Asner(*), Cattai(*C), Lipton, MacFarlane, Para(*C), Sciolla, Seidel(*)

National Fellowships in Instrumentation

Position Paper
Members Lipton(*), MacFarlane, Schumm(*C), Sciolla

Interdisciplinary Connections

Position Paper
Interdisciplinary Connections
Members Artuso, Cushman(*), Fast(*), Gilchriese, Lipton(*), Weerts(C), White

Instrumentation Prize

Position Paper
Members Lissauer, Molzon(C)