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The XENON Experiment

The XENON Experiment underground. Left the water tank with a poster showing what’s inside. Right the three-story service building.


The heart of the project: The XENON1T Time Projection Chamber TPC after assembly in a clean room.


Ever wonder what goes on above a dark matter detector? Welcome to the surface above Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (LNGS)! In this video, you’ll see what’s approximately 1400 m above the XENON experiment: the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park and the 10 km long Traforo del Gran Sasso freeway tunnel.
Watch the construction of the XENON water tank unfold! XENON1T will be shielded from ambient radioactivity by this large water tank that is equipped as a water Cherenkov muon veto. This 10 meter diameter tank stands at a final height of 10 meters and was completed after less than a month of construction.
Watch the installation of XENON1T’s lifeline: the cryogenic pipe! This massive pipe encloses all the recirculation pipes for xenon, helps evacuate the the cryostat, provides heat insulation and encloses signal and high voltage cables… the list goes on and on. If anything passes between the support structure and the experiment, this is the road it travels along
Watch the assembly of the cryostat! The cryostat will work to keep the liquid xenon inside XENON1T at a temperature of almost -100°C. Once the cryostat is sealed, as you see in this video, it is kept closed in order to prevent any contamination.
This video features close up footage of the smaller details from the XENON1T experiment, which are extremely important in operation. Some of these details include: photomultiplier tubes for signal detection, actual liquid xenon, pumps and getters for xenon recirculation, and multitudes of other equipment and systems.


Construction of the water tank:

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