Policy Board

There will be a Center Policy Board consisting of the Dean of the School of Science, the Dean of the Schools of Engineering, and Department Head or Director of Sponsored Program Development to be appointed by the Dean of the School of Science and to be rotated every two years. The Dean of the School of Science will serve as its Chair.

The Center Policy Board will meet, at a minimum of, once per year to review the progress and operation of the Center. The Center Policy Board will also determine policies of the Center with the advice of its Director, and provide other administrative oversight, as necessary.


The Center will have a Director, who will provide scientific and technical leadership for the Center and will be responsible for the administration of all the Centerís programs and activities.

The Director shall be a full professor at Purdue University, appointed by the Policy Board. The Director shall report directly to the Dean of the School of Science and thus the Policy Board. The Director's term of service will be for five years, with no limitation on the number of successive terms of service.

Executive Director

The Center will have an Executive Director who will assist and support the Director in the administrative duties of the Center. The Executive Director will be appointed or hired by the Director, with the approval of the Policy Board.

Duties of the Executive Director will include management of technology transfer activities, and assisting in external relations. The Executive Director will report to the Director.

Internal Advisory Panel

The Center will have an Internal Advisory Panel. This Panel will consist of at least three and no more than seven faculty members with involvement in the activities of the Center. Members of this Panel will be appointed annually by the Director, with the consent of the Policy Board. The Policy Board will have the option of appointing a member of the tenure-track faculty as a member of the Panel.

This Advisory Panel will meet no less than monthly during the academic year, and at least once during the summer months. The role of the Panel is to advise the Director on initiatives, programs, and activities of the Center. The Panel will also provide advice to the Director on matters he or she may request.

External Advisory Panel

The Center will have an External Advisory Panel. This Panel will include representatives from agencies, companies, and organizations providing support for the Center. The basis for membership on this Panel will be set by the Policy Board, with advice from the Director. The Chair of this Panel will be elected from its membership.

The External Advisory Panel will meet at least once and not more than twice a year to review the activities of the Center, and to review current and proposed research. This Advisory Panel will then submit a report of its observations and suggestions (if any), to the Director and to the Policy Board for their consideration.

Current Members

CSST Policy Board

  • Dean of College of Science (Chair), Jeff Roberts
  • Associate Vice President for Research of Centers and Institutes (Vice-Chair), Jonathon Harbor
  • Head, Department of Physics, Nick Giordano

CSST Internal Advisory Board

  • David S. Koltick, Professor of Physics (Chair)
  • R. Graham Cooks, Henry B. Hass Distinguished Professor, Analytical Chemistry
  • Phil S. Low, Joseph Foster Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
  • Ronald G. Reifenberger, Professor of Physics

CSST Management Structure

CSST Management Structure