This applet visualizes addition, substraction and scalar multiplication of vectors.

Draw two vectors on XY plane by left mouseclick inside the marked internal square. You can drag those vectors around with your left mouse pressed before you find the appropriate position for them. After two vectors are drawn, you can you can still relocate them by clicking on vector arrow and dragging it to a new location.

Press one of the functional buttons on the left to build vector sum 'A + B', find difference 'A - B' or 'B - A' or to calculate scalar product of two vectors. Once the resulting vector is built, you can drag the whole vector structure by grabbing the arrow of one of the initial vectors components. While you drag, the vector attributes are dynamically recalculated and redrawn i n the corresponding report window on the right.

You can go one step back in you vector drawing by erasing your previous step or you can erase everything on the XY plane and start all over.

Button "Help" opens Help window.