FPix Beamtest 2000 Analysis


Bruno's Charge Sharing plots

Bruno's Barrel Layout plots


Carsten's Pedestal/Signal movie

New plots (preliminary results)

1-31-01 Saturation ??

1-30-01 Saturation ??

1-18-01 playing with VA ...

12-14-00 gain,baseline shift, saturation, ...

saturation(?) This plot shows the total charge collected by the center pixel and the adjacent pixels with row plus 1 and minus 1 and the charge from the pixel in the adjacent column in the enabled double column. The data is taken from run 1172, which was at a 20deg angle and a plato can be seen. This plato might be an indication that we saturate. Due to the saturation we would get a cut off of signal. If we have a hit involving a lot of charge sharing then the signal would go beyond the signal cut off creating a plato at the cut off.

Charge vs. position The total signal is plotted versus the hit position in microns. It shows that the signal height is higher when the hit occurs close to a neighboring pixel. This indicates that the signal is indeed higher if the charge is collected by 2 pixels. In the center region the signal height does not exceed 700 ADC.

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