Heavy Flacours 8, University of Southampton 25-29 July 1999
Talk Given by Dr. Daniela Bortoletto

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The Measurement of sin(2Beta) Introduction B Physics and CKM Matrix CP Violation in B Decays Determination of sin(2Beta) Experimental Considerations
Indirect Determination of sin2 Beta Measurement Accuracy Tagging Previous Measurements Previous Measurements
Run I CDF Detector CDF Updated Measurement Event Selection Signal Sample Flavor Tagging Methods Jet Charge Flavor Tagging
Soft Lepton Flavor Tagging Same Side Tagging Same Side Tagging Tagger Calibration Calibration Jet Charge Tagging Calibration of Soft Lepton Tagging
Same Side Tagging Calibration Flavor Tagging Summary Results Systematic Errors and Cross Checks Cross Checks Confidence Limits on sin(2 Beta)
Results The Measurement of sin(2 Beta) CDF Reach in Run II for sin (2 Beta) Summary
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