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A number of web accessibility features have been built into the design of this website. These features aid the use of adaptive technologies (such as screen readers) to make this site usable to the broadest audience possible. This site follows all recommended guidelines in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998. If you are experiencing any difficulties using this website, please contact the Department of Physics webmaster at:

Site/Page Navigation

To provide a way to skip repetitive navigation, skip navigation and jump to search links are located at the top of every page.

Access Keys

Most modern browsers support linking to pages or section of pages through the use of access keys. The following is the list of access keys defined on this website:

  • 1 - Homepage
  • 2 - Search
  • 3 - Contact Us
  • 4 - Site Map

How to use access keys?

Use the following keyboard combinations for your browser and platform:

  • Windows users
    • Firefox: Press SHIFT + ALT + an access key
    • Internet Explorer: ALT + an access key
  • Macintosh Users
    • Firefox: CONTROL + an access key
    • Safari: CONTROL + OPTION + an access key


On each page, the following sections are preceded by headings to aid screen readers that have heading navigation functionality. JAWS users can use the 'H' key to cycle through the headings on a page.

  • Search form
  • Site navigation (The main navigation for the site.)
  • Courses
  • Contact Information
  • Section Navigation (On pages that have sub navigation for specific area of the site.)
  • Page footer - (The bottom of the page)