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Advanced Theory Of Electricity And Magnetism


Fall, Spring cr 3.00


Prerequisite: PHYS 530, PHYS 600 or equivalent.


This is a core course in electromagnetism intended for all Physics graduate students at Purdue. The material covered is at a somewhat more advanced level than the typical undergraduate course on the subject. Topics will range from electrostatics to wave propagation. Although a certain knowledge of mathematical methods for Physics (like for instance the material covered in PHYS-600 and PHYS-601 at Purdue) would be very useful, the course is mostly self-contained.


Molnar, Denes



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Textbook(s) for Spring 2014

Textbooks for Spring 2014
Course Title Author Edition ISBN Publisher
PHYS630 Classical Electrodynamics   John D. Jackson  3rd  978-0471309321  Wiley 
PHYS630 Electrodynamics of Continuous Media   Landau, Pitaevskil & Lifshitz  2nd; (January 15, 1984)  978-0750626347  Butterworth-Heinemann