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General Physics


Fall, Spring, and Summer, Class 3, Lab 2, cr. 4


College algebra and trigonometry


Mechanics, heat, and sound, for students not specializing in physics.


Durbin, Stephen – Lorenz, Suzanne

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Textbook(s) for Spring 2014

Textbooks for Spring 2014
Course Title Author Edition ISBN Publisher
PHYS220 College Physics via WebAssign - Electronic only or Hybrid College Physics Custom Loose-leaf -9780495991571, plus WebAssign; or Hardcover College Physics - ISBN-978-1111570958 , plus WebAssign   Nick Giordano    978-1285858487  Cengage Learning 
PHYS220 i>Clicker         Bedford/Freeman/Worth 
PHYS220 Enhanced WebAssign Enhanced WebAssign required with Hybrid Textbook