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General Physics


Fall, Spring and Summer, Class 3, lab. 2, cr. 4


MA 151 or MA 153, and MA 154


A broad survey of mechanics, heat, and sound primarily for technology students, focussing on the examples and applications especially appropriate to the technology field with generally conservative use of mathematics but giving fully quantitative treatments on selected key topics.


Anderson, Peter – Bairnsfather, Christopher

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Textbook(s) for Summer 2014

Textbooks for Summer 2014
Course Title Author Edition ISBN Publisher
PHYS218 Hybrid College Physics Custom Loose-leaf   Nick Giordano  Vol. 1; 2nd   9780495991571  Cengage Learning 
PHYS218 Physics 218 Laboratory Manual   Andrzej Lewicki, Nick Giordano & Michael Zimmer  2013/2014    LAD Custom Publishing 
PHYS218 i>Clicker     Previous versions are acceptable  0-7167-7939-0 (  Macmillan MPS