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Descriptive Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies Lab


Sem. 2. class 2, lab. 2, cr. 3 Not available to students with credit in ASTR 364.



A descriptive, nonmathematical course in astronomy intened for non-physics majors. Topics include properties of stars; stellar birth and death; the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram; main sequence stars; binary systems; stellar clusters; red giants and white dwarfs, nova and supernova; neutron stars and black holes; galaxies and the cosmological red shift. Includes required observing sessions.

Textbook(s) for Spring 2011

Textbooks for Spring 2011
Course Title Author Edition ISBN Publisher
ASTR264 Explorations: Introduction to Astronomy   Thomas T. Arny    0077487273  McGraw-Hill 
ASTR264L Introductory Astronomy Lab Manual   I. Shipsey, J. Coy & B. MacCall  6th  0-07-353949-X  McGraw-Hill