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PHYS565 — Spring 2018

PHYS565: Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics II

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Spring, cr. 3


PHYS 360, PHYS 460, PHYS 550, PHYS 564

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This course is a continuation of PHYS 564. Therefore, it is expected that the students are familiar with particle detection techniques, statistical interpretation of data and with Quantum Electrodynamics. We will study the current experimental status of the Standard Model of particles and forces, possible theoretical extensions beyond the Standard Model, and related experimental searches. The efforts to construct a theory which unifies all interactions, including gravity, is discussed. The topics covered include CP violation, neutrino physics, QCD, hadron collider physics and data analysis techniques.


Jones, Matthew


Jones, Matthew

Textbook(s) for Spring 2018
Title Author Edition ISBN Publisher Req/Opt Notes
Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics Alessandro Bettini 2nd 978-1107050402 Optional

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