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PHYS218: General Physics

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Fall, Spring and Summer, Class 3, lab. 2, cr. 4


MA 151 or MA 153, and MA 154


A broad survey of mechanics, heat, and sound primarily for technology students, focussing on the examples and applications especially appropriate to the technology field with generally conservative use of mathematics but giving fully quantitative treatments on selected key topics.


Lewicki, Andrzej (Andrew) COORD


Textbook(s) for Summer 2016
Textbook(s) for Summer 2016
Title Author Edition ISBN Publisher Req/Opt Notes
College Physics Etkina, Gentile, Van Heuvelen Custom 978-1323064573 Pearson Custom Publishing Required Or you have the option to choose the etext (9780321018444).
Physics 218 Laboratory Manual Andrzej Lewicki, Nick Giordano & Michael Zimmer 2015/2016 LAD Custom Publishing Required

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