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PHYS241: Electricity and Optics (PAST/FUTURE SEMESTER)


Fall, Spring and Summer, Class 4, cr. 3


Prerequisite: PHYS 172; Corequisite: MA 162. Authorized equivalent courses or consent of instructor may be used in satisfying course pre- and co-requisites.

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Electrostatics, current electricity, electromagnetism, magnetic properties of matter. Electromagnetic waves, geometrical and physical optics.

For students enrolled in the online (distance learning) 241D, please go to: PHYS 241D course webpage:

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Cyrus Vandrevala has created a YouTube playlist where he goes through many common recitation problems in PHYS 241. This playlist is constantly expanding, so please email him at to suggest new videos to add to the site. The link to his site is:




Textbook(s) for Summer 2018
Title Author Edition ISBN Publisher Req/Opt Notes
Physics for Scientists and Engineers (Volume 2) P. Tipler & Mosca 6e + ebook 978-1319099848 Bedford/Freeman/Worth Required (Course given on-line only)

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